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Supporting the Virtual Learning Community      
The 40th Annual Conference
November 15-17, 2000
Fess Parker's DoubleTree Resort
Santa Barbara, California

Breakout Session Descriptions
Training Teachers for Technology Integration
Don Henderson
Grossmont Union High School District
This session will take an in depth look at "Digital University", an in depth staff development model which prepares teachers to become site technology mentors. This three tier model addresses personal proficiency, integration and mentorship. See how a successful staff development model can motivate teachers to empower students in the classroom.
Broadcasting Live Video over the Internet...Applications to Wow Your Community!
Mac Carey and Doug Prouty, Contra Costa County Office of Education
This presentation will show you the basics needed to setup an OSX Video Streaming Server (to stream your video out to the Internet), a video crunching server (to digitize and compress your source), and a client (Quicktime 3 or 4) for your audience to view your broadcasts.
Help Desk: Past/Present/Future
David Gomes and Bryan Williams
San Diego County Office of Education
Server based Computing in Education
Tony Forte
GTC Systems, Inc.
Server based Computing in Education including case study. How educational institutions can leverage server based computing to promote learning and overcome challenges.
Digital Dashboard/Exchange 2000
Tuan Nguyen
Microsoft Corporation
Learn how to leverage the new features of the Microsoft® Office 2000 and Microsoft Outlook® 2000 messaging and collaboration client to make it possible for students, educators, and administrators to perform all of their most important tasks from within a single, customized view, called a digital dashboard. A digital dashboard connects users to crucial data and to each other, so they can access personal, team, institution, and external information across the entire institution-in an office, laboratory, classroom or even remotely.
Virtual Private Network Update
Chris Brawner and John Cusack
San Diego County Office of Education
An update on the status of the San Diego COE regional VPN project
How Much and What Kind of Technology Do We have in California Schools?
Kevin Matsuo and Nancy Sullivan
The Virtual Village requires up-to-date hardware and connectivity in California's classrooms, yet by almost any measure California has ranked among the lowest in the nation in terms of technology in schools. Come learn about what data collected in the 1999-00 school year reveals about California's efforts to increase access to technology. The session will also include an overview of new efforts in FY 00-01 to make the "Virtual Village" possible in more schools.
Internet Staff Development
Tim Landeck, Santa Cruz City Schools Doug Prouty, Contra Costa County Office of Education
Training of Trainers model as implemented in Santa Cruz City Schools
Zero Administration Macintosh
Chuck Taylor, San Juan Unified School District
Reed Jackson, Software Engineer, Apple Computer, Inc.
See how one school district maintains 67 Schools with Apple's remote administration software, Network Assistant. See how they Ghost machines over the network, and train their sites to rebuild machines to district specifications with a single click.
CENIC/Digital California Project
Tom West, CENIC
Come hear what it is all about and how it might affect your district, County Office of Education or school.
API and Assessment Data: Constructing An Assessment Database for Performance Standards
Dennis A. Johnston, Ph.D. and Jeff Kemper
Grossmont Union High School District
Presentation will illuminate conceptual and practical issues inherent in the development of a database structure designed to support the increasing data demands associated with high stakes accountability.
Internet II
Warren Williams
Grossmont Union High School District
Internet II has been operational for three years and is known by a number of names Project Abeline, CalREN 2, Digital California Project (DCP). Grossmont Union High School District is the first K-12 district in the nation to participate in the project. The future of DCP and how Internet II will affect instruction, learning and school culture will be discussed. Project timelines and policies will be presented for discussion.
Managing K-12 Technical Support
Tim Landeck, Santa Cruz City Schools
Doug Prouty, Contra Costa County Office of Education
Various ways to manage the issue of technical support in K-12.
HACK.EDU: Shadows in the classroom - Network Security and the Virtual Learning Community
Mike Dillon and Jason Elrod
Life is not fair, and your network is a good example. The fact is, your network and your data are not safe. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the virtual criminal is out there roaming the side streets of your virtual community. Vigilance is in order. The more information you have about the threats to your environment, the better prepared you will be to defend them. Learn what a hacker looks for in a network. Find out what you can do to stop them. Make your virtual community a safer one. Join Quest and explore the 10 most common security exploits and the steps you can take to avoid them.
Funding for your Districts - The CSIS Strategy
Bob Friedman, CSIS
For the past two years, CSIS has provided funding to Districts and COEs so that they may participate in this electronic student management initiative. Hear the latest project status, the first external presentation of the CSIS thin client, PKI protected architecture, and become familiar with the funding strategy as the CSIS Program prepares budget projections for FY 2001-02 and beyond.
Development of The Public School Accountability Data Mart
Hal Shimmin
Ontario-Montclair School District
School districts are facing an increased demand from staff and the public for more information about student achievement, particularly with the advent of the Academic Performance Index. Sites need a method for monitoring and reporting the impact of programs. The Ontario-Montclair School District has developed a web-based solution with the Public School Accountability (PSA) Data Mart, built on an NT server using Oracle software.
Open-Source Applications in Educational Technology
Dan Kubilos
Oxnard Elementary School District
Combining the Linux with other open-source applications can provide inexpensive, incredibly reliable tools for the K-12 technologist. The Oxnard School District uses Open-source for many critical WAN/LAN functions from web-enabled databases to WAN/LAN monitoring. You will leave this presentation with tools you can use as soon as you get back to your school site.
Streaming Media: From Out of the Box to Online
Mike Johnson, Teacher on Special Assignment for Internet Development
Information and Technology Services, Grossmont Union High School District
Streaming media is ideal for disseminating best practices, delivering online training, showcasing student projects and more. QuickTime and OS X Server team up to combine superior quality and low TCO to fulfill the promise. This session will provide an overview of setup, network issues, media preparation, third party resources and suggestions.
Waging the Digital War on Paper
Nien-Ling Wacker
Laserfiche Document Imaging
An explanation of how any school district can use imaging to manage paperwork efficiently.
Improving Support in the Elk Grove Unified Schoool District Utilizing LanDesk
Charra Davolt and Denise Fong
Elk Grove Unified School District
See how Elk Grove Unified School District is deploying LanDesk throughout the district for remote control and automated inventory of both Macintosh computers and Wintel computers. Hear about the problems we have overcome and the success stories.
CDE Ed Tech Programs and Services: Helping the Virtual Village Become a Reality
Nancy Sullivan and Van Wilkinson
California Department of Education
Statewide programs and initiatives from the CDE's Education Technology Office are positively affecting the technology landscape. Meet directors of the state education technology programs and services and have chance to learn about their programs. Also, California's overall progress relative to telecommunications discount program (E-rate and CTF) will be shared.
WAN With VOIP Funded Through Erate
Perry Polk
Mt. Diablo Unified School District
How Mt. Diablo installed a WAN with a VOIP component. Hear the story - good, bad and ugly.
Student Assessment and School Management With Filemaker Pro
Robert Rayburn
Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District
Curriculum Enterprise: Network Logon for Windows and Macintosh Clients
Mike Cowen, Lemoore Unified School District
Reed Jackson, Software Engineer, Apple Computer, Inc.
See how one school district administers and secures PC's and Macintoshes with Network Logon. See how the students become completely multi-OS literate while maintaining centralized storage of their portfolio.
Using Technology to Teach Technology that Prepares Students for IT Careers
Barbara Karas and Teachers Using the Program
NCS-RealSkills Program
Voice over the Data Network
Ted Malos
Ventura Unified School Distrct
Ramifications of voice as just another network application.
Wireless Networking in the Classroom
Robert Leri
Arcadia Unified School District
Presentation and discussion about how Arcadia Unified School District has deployed wireless technology in classrooms.
What Happens When Your District is Found Guilty of Software Piracy?
Mike Beever, Ed.D.
What happens when your district receives a letter from the Business Software Alliance (BSA) attorney, asking you to provide within eight days a proof of purchase of all of your district's software licenses? Listen to the trials and tribulations of a San Jose school district and how they dealt with a potential $598,000 fine.
The Value of Technology in School Food Service
Charles Bishop and Norma Perez
Snap Systems, Inc.
Explaining the benefits of technology to control costs in food service and where the payback is.
CSIS Panel: Members from Districts and COE
"How Did They Do It and How They Did"

Moderated by Terrell Tucker, Panama Buena Vista Union School District
Panelists: Lisa Hayes, Modesto City Schools; Jan Langtry, Novato USD; Dilip Patel, SBCUSD; Mary Pawasarat, LACOE; Laurie Reck, SDCOE
How does CSIS look from the trenches? What were local commitments from site, district and county personnel? What local rewards were there? Would you do it again? Ask these and similar questions from a panel composed of local education agency participants on the "bleeding edge" of CSIS.