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Supporting the Virtual Learning Community      
The 40th Annual Conference
November 15-17, 2000
Fess Parker's DoubleTree Resort
Santa Barbara, California

NOC Tech-Talk Descriptions and Schedule
Time Sierra Madre South (A) Sierra Madre South (B)
  Session I
1 hr Tech -Talks
Session II
½ hr Tech-Talks
Session III
½ hr Open-Talks
11:00 Cisco - Voice Over IP
Cisco engineers will talk about deploying voice over IP. Considerations of infrastructure and cost savings will be addressed. With E-Rate funding available, this may be the time for you to consider this technology.
Internet Products - IPrism Update
Internet Product's iPrism™ is a unique Internet server appliance that enables organizations to monitor and control Internet access, making the Internet a safer and more productive environment for employees and students. It reduces management problems and legal liability for administrators and managers by allowing precise tailoring and enforcement of Acceptable Use Policies for Internet access.
  Stop by and see Wright Line's NetView Command Console furniture. Microsoft & Dell engineers will be on hand
1:30 Novell - Managing the Novell Netware Environment with ZEN
A technical presentation on how to manage applications and software distribution, using desktop policy management. Manage workstations remotely using the help desk requester, use the asset management features, and manage virus-protection.
AMP - Structured Cabling Systems
Can you cable today for tomorrow's technologies? What is a structured cabling system and how do global industry standards play a role in your cable plant's useful life? Do manufacturers such as AMP/Netconnect or Lucent really guarantee the final installed product and for how long? Find out answers to these questions and more. Make your physical layer investment count!
  Check out an Apple iBook and cruise the conference surfing the web without wires! Internet Products & Cisco engineers will be on hand
2:45 Microsoft - Planning and Implementing Windows 2000 Active Directory
The Active Directory™ service is a central component of the Windows® 2000 operating system platform. Understanding Active Directory is important to understanding the overall value of Windows 2000. This introduction to the concepts and technologies behind Active Directory describes its purpose, provides an overview of how it works, and outlines the key business and technical benefits it offers organizations.
Avaya (Lucent Wireless) - Wireless Standards and Security Issues
Learn the basics of wireless LANS and WANS from one of the industry's premier providers. Find out about wireless standards, vendor interoperability, and how security issues can be addressed.
  AMP, Allied-Telesyn & Novell Engineers will be on hand
4:00 Intel - Web Caching and Load Balancing
Web caching is hot for Education! Come join Intel to understand the value of WEB Caching and how it can be used in the education experience. There are several ways to use caching and these topics will be discussed.Find out about how data can be seamlessly sent and received from the specific applications server that is least utilized using Intel's Load Balancing solutions.
Dell - Mobile Labs using Wireless Technology
Experience the freedom of mobility with TrueMobile Wireless solutions from Dell. Come and hear their approach and the real advantages of wireless:Potential mobile lab solution - put away your computers when you're done and regain that space for a classroom.Move your work area effortlessly, no need for you to rewire.Network into areas unfriendly for wiring (existing or historic buildings, possible asbestos areas, portable classrooms).Freedom and mobility = more emphasis on teaching, less on the logistics of the technology.
  Avaya (Lucent Wireless) & Network Associates engineers will be on hand.
8:30 Network Associates - Put Up An Active Defense with McAfee
Did you know that the longer a virus lives within your environment the more it costs to eradicate it? Left unchecked, they can take your district down, costing you thousands-if not millions. What if you could stop viruses before they spread? An essential component of your network security strategy, McAfee protects all virus entry points to keep your district up and running.
Cisco - VPN and VLANS
Learn about Cisco supported configurations for IP-based extranet Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for an IP Security Protocol (IPSec) tunnel between a Cisco Secure VPN Client and a Cisco IOS router or Cisco Secure PIX Firewall. We'll also talk about the benefits of VLANs, which allow devices on one or more LANs to communicate as if they were attached to the same wire, when in fact they are located on a number of different LAN segments.
  Apple & Intel engineers will be on hand
9:15 Apple - Think different! Think Apple. Think Mac OS X
It's not an "X," it's a "10." Explore the parts of Apple's next-generation operating system. All of this is built on Darwin, the next generation in the evolution of modern operating systems. Darwin was built using open standards, and with contributions from the open source software community.
Microsoft - Getting the most out of Microsoft TechNet
If you evaluate, deploy or support Microsoft technologies you need to learn how to get the most out of TechNet, the Microsoft tools for IT professionals. TechNet is your single best source of information and advice for making smart technical decisions-the kind that save your organization time, money and headaches.
  Microsoft engineers will be on hand