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Education: The Digital Future      
The 41st Annual Conference
November 14-16, 2001
DoubleTree Hotel Monterey-Fisherman's Wharf
Monterey, California

President's Message
Welcome to CEDPA's fifth decade. For many years, the organization has been the sole voice for Information Technology Professionals in the K-12 public education sector. To initiate our new decade and to reinvent our organization, we are returning to our most captivating location, Monterey, with all of its beautiful surrounding environment. Please visit the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau website at http://www.info.monterey.wegov2.com/ for information about Monterey and its wealth of activities and opportunities for unequaled exploration. The DoubleTree Hotel offers nicely appointed rooms with views of some of the most beautiful countryside in California.
Monterey is ideal for this year's conference and its theme, the Digital Future, will be pleasantly explored at the conference. The vendors recognize the value of our conference and have signed up in record numbers and their exhibits promise to deliver all that you may need to evaluate their products and services. The exhibit space will be double that of two years ago. There will be more large kiosks than ever and record numbers of vendors are expanding their space to create a better presentation for attendees. In addition, some are offering additional opportunities to network with fellow professionals at Hospitality Suites early Thursday evening.
The conference kicks off with two preconference sessions, Apple's Web Objects and Grossmont High School District's presentation of CISCO's IP telephony solution. These sessions are usually sold out and the technical orientation offers attendees solid recommendations and solutions for tackling tough problems.
Wednesday's breakout sessions are focused on the issues that confront each of you on a daily basis. Many organizations will present solutions for your most vexing and persistent challenges. The California Department of Education, CSIS and many districts offer experiences and information that can save you countless hours of work. Vendors also bring their expertise without trying to sell product. They persistently attack issues on a global perspective that attendees have come to appreciate.
We have paid particular attention to bring keynote speakers who will enthuse and invigorate you. They will address the Digital Future of education and bring refreshing perspectives to our conference attendees. Jim Marshall of Apple Corporation and Reed Hastings, CEO of NetFlix, a subscription DVD movie service have both indicated they will examine K-12 education from their unique perceptions to give attendees information of value to assist in designing their networks and programs.
The NOC will be greatly expanded this year and we have taken the input of attendees to redesign its organization and presentation. Email will be offered in a separate area so as not to detract from technical presentations. Tech Talks will be offered in different rooms to eliminate the sounds of competitive deliveries. There will also be sessions to teach attendees some fundamental skills in various applications relevant to IT work places.
One of our most consistent partners, Microsoft, will host this year's golf tournament at the spectacular Quail Lodge Resort & Golf Club. This course is challenging and beautiful. The 6th Annual Golf Tournament begins on Friday, November 16, with a buffet lunch at 12:30. Even those of us who golf only once a year find the experience of this tournament well worth the pleasant ribbing we must take from our fellow duffers.
There is much more to please at the conference exceptional meals, great camaraderie, excellent attendee giveaways, time to relax and ultimately a pleasant experience to learn much about improving your workplace. Please join us for what promises to be an exceptional conference.
Warren Williams
President, CEDPA