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CEDPA is preparing  to upgrade our web and electronic communications services.  Weíre looking to add document management features, treaded discussion boards, membership database and increased bandwidth to support the new services.  Below is a brief scope of work, if you are interested or know of anyone that might be interested in responding to the RFP can down load the RFP using Adobe Acrobat.




No. 2002-1

  (Web site development and hosting of electronic communications)


Website Development


The associationís website, www,cedpa-k12.org, provides information about the association and its activities.  Persons interested in being added to CEDPAís mailing list and/or applying for membership in CEDPA can apply using online forms available on the website.  There are no presently-existing database-supported information entry or retrieval services.


The association desires to expand its website by offering the following services:

1.      A platform that enables users to find, share, and publish information easily through a flexible portal solution.

2.      Create an online web browser-based query facility of existing membership database to support dynamic queries based on name or organization.


Detailed Project Specifications


I.  Information Portal

The association would like host a variety of discussion treads with the ability to search and retrieve in any of several categories.  The system should also provide features for document management and a customizable interface.


Suggested common tables



Scalable Search Engine

Data Access and Indexing





Document Management

Check-in and Check-out

Document versioning

Document Profiling

Document Collaboration



Standard Interfaces
Utilize common interfaces like Microsoft ActiveXģ Data Objects (ADO), Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), and Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV).




Hosting Services

 The association currently maintains a website (cedpa-k12.org), email service, and several listserves to provide information about the association and its activities.  As the association continues to grow, these services become more vital in the way we communicate with our members.  Therefore, we are seeking to outsource these services rather than continue to maintain them ourselves.


The association is seeking an ISP or ASP that can offer the following services :

1.      A high speed reliable site with redundant service using multiple providers or mirror sites

2.      Host a large web site with interactive databases and multimedia content.

3.      Email service for CEDPA Board of directors and appointees.

4.      A list server capable of multiple list and ability to search archived discussion treads

5.      Remote access for board directors and or appointees to manage all aspects of content




Detailed Specifications


I.  High speed reliable site

The association wants to provide users with a responsive and reliable experience when visiting our site.  We are seeking ISPís or ASPís  that meet the following criteria;

A minimum of one 20 Mb pipe or greater for its backbone internet service.

A site that can provide mirroring services upon request.

A site that guarantees percentage of uptime and performance.




II.  Host large web site

The association is concurrently expanding its web site and will require a minimum of 1GB storage with option to increase this in increments of 1 GB.  The web site must also be capable of supporting multiple interactive databases and streaming multimedia content.  The site must be capable of receiving more than 1000 hits per day.



III.  Email service

The association requires approximately 25 email accounts for its board of directors and appointees.  The email service must be POP3/IMAP4 compliant and have the ability to forward to other mail accounts.


IV.  List server

The association requires approximately 5 listservs to reach more than 1000 members each.  The list server must have user-friendly features and allow for archival access to discussion treads


V.  Remote access

The association requires the board of directors and its appointees to be able to easily manage all aspects of the sites content remotely.




For more information please visit our web site www.cedpa-k12.ca.us or contact Darryl LaGace at (619) 825-5734