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This archive contains Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Adobe Acrobat documents from some of CEDPA's previous conferences and SIG meetings. These have been provided by the presenters as a service to CEDPA's membership and are available here for your review.
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1998 Annual Conference, Palm Springs

Preparing For The 21st Century
Kathryn Yates, Director K-12 Education Customer Unit, Microsoft Corporation

PowerPoint Presentation Kathryn Yates presented a vision of technology in the 21st Century and what Microsoft and the public in general should be doing in anticipation of this technological revolution. Yates described how it will affect instructional disciplines and talked about its impact on the educational environment.

K-12 Education
Rich Seidner, Executive Director of Business Development for K-12 Education, Oracle Corporation

PowerPoint Presentation Rich presented his views about K-12 Education programs and how they are impacted by technology shifts, societal demands, educational reforms and initiatives. He elaborated on teaching methods and alternatives for preparing today's students for tomorrow's technology. He was also critical about the effectiveness of teaching methods employed to "teach" technology, and reviewed ten ways that advance the cause of reform.

Setting District Technology Standards
Warren Williams, Technology Coordinator/Dean of Students, Ramona Unified School District

PowerPoint Presentation Follow the development of technology standards for the Ramona Unified School District. This presentation shows why standards are necessary and who is affected by the implementation of standardized hardware and software.

RUSD Standards Also available is the RUSD District Technology Standards document that describes the purpose of the standards and itemizes the hardware and software covered by the standards.

May, 1998, SIG Meeting, Oracle Corporation

Enabling the Information Age Through Network Computing
Cameron O'Rouke, Principal Technologist, Oracle Corporation

NCA Presentation This is an in-depth discussion about Oracle's Network Computing Architecture and solutions for data delivery.

February, 1998, Presentation at CASH Conference, Sacramento

Legislative and Policy Issues Related to Technology
Darryl La Gace and Greg Lindner, CEDPA

PowerPoint Presentation CEDPA Directors Darryl La Gace and Greg Lindner presented at the Annual CASH Conference in Sacramento on February 26, 1998. The seminar was well received by all who attended and highlighted the work that CEDPA is doing with other associations on a statewide basis.

December, 1997, SIG Meeting, Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft in K-12 Education
Jeff Raikes, Group Vice President, K-12 Education, North America, Microsoft Corporation

PowerPoint Presentation Jeff Raikes presented his personal and Microsoft's corporate view for the future of education and how technology will be inseparable from its delivery models. Raikes explained how Microsoft is developing technology to provide access for classrooms at reduced costs and that is integrated to help forge a new teaching and learning dynamic.

1997 Annual Conference, Sacramento

Techniques in Controlling Internet Access and Blocking Objectionable Materials
Farley Stewart, Internet Products, Inc.

PowerPoint Presentation This session focuses on different technologies that can be deployed to help manage and control Internet access for students. Specific topics include discussion of client and server based approaches, managing block site lists, and using audit trails to help enforce acceptable use policies.

Multiservice Access Routing
Laura Zahtila, Cisco Systems, Inc.

PowerPoint Presentation As School Districts face escalating communication costs, Cisco is responding with the Cisco 3800, a low cost, multiservice access router that enables organizations to integrate all types of network traffic including voice, fax, legacy multiprotocol data, LAN traffic, and video, over a single WAN network.
Note: This presentation requires the Microsoft PowerPoint Animation Player which will be downloaded and installed automatically on your computer.

Network Technology Planning
George Sullivan, Northrop Grumman

PowerPoint Presentation This session addresses the process, roles to play and technologies to consider in planning for a network. The discussion will take a comprehensive look at building school and district networks.

Multi-Media Distribution Over Twisted Pair
Jon Mason, AMP

PowerPoint Presentation Learn the advantages, the investment, and the steps needed to achieve multi-media distribution through a twisted pair LAN.

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