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   DataBus - Vol 41 No. 6: October-November, 2001
Thanks, Addison

I have had the privilege of working with Addison Ching for the past ten years and I'm sorry to accept his resignation from the CEDPA Board of Directors. Most recently, Addison has served as the DataBus editor and webmaster for the organization. In both of these roles he has performed exemplary service to K-12 education. In addition to his full time job working for the Chancellor's office for the CSU system, Addison has worked countless off-time hours cajoling fellow Board members to meet deadlines, editing our materials, designing web pages that are easy to navigate and understand, maintaining the database of members and countless other tasks. He was so instrumental and prodigious at his work that we have had to spread his duties to two different Board members just to keep current with his innovations. His insight and knowledge of the organization have helped to bring closure to difficult issues facing the Board. He always spoke his mind and we all benefited from it.
As best as we can reconstruct, Addison joined the organization in 1986. He has held virtually every position including that of President. Consider the words of a current Board member, Russ Brawn: "Prior to my ever attending a CEDPA Conference, Paul Fracolli one of the legendary early leaders of the organization, encouraged my attendance if for no other reason there would be knowledgeable work-a-likes that might become valued colleagues. In particular, Paul singled out then President-Elect Addison Ching, saying something on the order of 'He is a bright, young man that sees things clearly you will like him.' And, indeed I did and Addison did become a much valued resource to which many of us has turned."
Addsion became President in 1991 and helped to steer CEDPA in new directions. He had an intuitive understanding of the IT business and education and frequently was at the edge of innovation. He understood computing and data and knew the power of networks. He built sound organizations that survived his tenure in them.
Addison has a wit and humor about him that indicates his interest in people and his profession. He also can be quite adamant when he has a point of view that he supports. He always made his point forcefully but would also always support the majority point of view without second guessing it.
We owe a debt of gratitude to Addison for his work in CEDPA and wish him and his family well in all that he attempts. We know that he will succeed.