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   DataBus - Vol 41 No. 6: October-November, 2001
2001 E-rate/CTF Training

The California Department of Education (CDE) in conjunction with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), California Department of General Services (DGS), public school E-rate Leaders, business/corporate trainers (GTE/Verizon, Spectrum Communications, Edmin.com, Serban Sound, Pacific Bell) is offering a series of E-rate and California Teleconnect fund (CTF) training sessions in September and October 2001. The E-rate/CTF Training Collaborative will present "vendor neutral" E-rate and CTF information, bringing together state, local education agency, and vendor perspectives.
The four years of federal E-rate program provided nearly $1 billion in telecommunications services discounts to California's schools and libraries and it is time to apply for E-rate Year 5 discounts. CTF is an easier process with a smaller scope of eligible services that offers 50 percent discounts on telephone and data line services. CTF is a CPUC program that provides discounts to schools, certain health clinics and community based organizations for measured business telephone and data circuit services. CTF is appropriated $50 million every year for these telecommunications discounts.
These discount programs offer significant discounts to schools that reduce telecommunications costs. To help school districts better understand the benefits and application process, the CDE gathered a group of E-rate and CTF experts to provide regional E-rate and CTF training. The training collaborative is offering training in six California locations. Two tracks of training are planned, one track is designed for those who have not applied for E-rate or CTF and the other track is designed for staff experienced with E-rate and CTF to provide updated information about changes in these telecommunications discount programs. The "Beginners" sessions give participants the basics of E-rate and CTF and show them how to fill out the forms for the two telecommunications discount program. "Experienced" sessions provide participants with new information about the Children's Internet Protection Act's (CIPA) compliance requirements, updates on how E-rate/CTF discounts can help fund the Digital California Project "last mile" connectivity issues, how to work with vendors, resolving processing problems, services eligible for discounts, and updates to the E-rate rules. All participants will receive reference materials to help with the E-rate and CTF application processes; including presentation slides, charts, job aids, contact lists, and CIPA information.
E-rate/CTF training will be offered at six sites.
September 28, 2001 San Bernardino (San Bernardino COE)
October 2, 2001 Modesto (Stanislaus COE)
October 4, 2001 Ukiah (Mendocino COE)
October 10, 2001 Visalia (Tulare COE)
October 12, 2001 Marysville (Yuba COE)
October 15, 2001 Salinas (Monterey COE)
Register on the CDE E-rate Web site at http://www.cde.ca.gov/erate/trainingreg.html. If you have questions about the training or problems with the Web registration site, please contact Wayne Shimizu in the CDE Education Technology Office at or (916) 322-5894.

Wayne Shimizu is an Education Programs Consultant for the California Department of Education's Educational Technology Office.