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   DataBus - Vol 41 No. 6: October-November, 2001
Digital California Project Update

As of the week ending September 21, fourteen (14) first round node sites have been successfully connected to DCP backbone hub sites. This represents 20% of the first round node sites. Based on the current schedule and barring unforeseen circumstances, about 25% of the node sites are scheduled to be installed by the end of September.
Completion of power augmentation needed at the Qwest Salinas and Sunnyvale PoPs serving the greater Bay Area and northern California coast is taking longer than was expected. Consequently, we have not been able to install any Bay area node sites yet. Construction of the new CENIC PoP in Sacramento is progressing on schedule with a target completion date of late October.
DCP Project Management is still waiting on confirmed due dates from Williams Communications for the eleven circuit segments they were awarded. Due to last minute contract issues with Verizon, circuit and equipment installations for the node sites served by Verizon have slipped into the mid-November timeframe. The residuals of the September 11 events have even impacted the DCP installation schedule as our engineers were unable to fly out as scheduled to install hub equipment in the Chico PoP, a minor inconvenience in the overall scheme of things.
The implementation team is eagerly looking forward to the Sunnyvale and Sacramento PoP being ready for circuit installations since a considerable number of node sites are connected to these two PoPs.

Edwin W. Smith is the CENIC/DCP Project Coordinator.