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   DataBus - Vol 41 No. 5: August-September, 2001
Digital California Project Update

The DCP network implementation team encountered some unexpected delays in readying the DCP backbone hub sites. These delays were primarily related to power and equipment issues at the Qwest colocation facilities. As a result, the DCP Project Management reports they will not be able to connect as many node sites as it had hoped during the months of July and August. However, construction did begin in early July on the CENIC hub site in Sacramento which is scheduled to be completed by mid-October. The engineering details for the CENIC hub site in Reno are being finalized and it is anticipated the Reno hub site will be operational by mid-November.
Reasonably reliable circuit due dates from all three circuit providers became available in early July. A reasonably reliable schedule for connecting the node sites is in the process of being developed. The two primary factors that will drive node connectivity are the readiness dates of the backbone hub sites, and completion of any required site construction and upgrade work that the individual node sites may need to complete.
To date, the San Luis Obispo and Fresno COE nodes are operational. Circuit and equipment installations have been scheduled for Santa Barbara, Orange and Riverside COE’s, and for the Los Angeles USD. It is expected that up to five node sites connected to the Fresno hub will be installed during the month of August. Based on the current schedule, the majority of node sites will be connected during the months of September and October. Progress with the rollout of the DCP network can be monitored online at http://www.cenic.org/nid/Nodes.html.

Edwin W. Smith is the CENIC/DCP Project Coordinator.