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   DataBus - Vol 41 No. 4: June-July, 2001
The 2001 Network Operations Center

As we return to Monterey for the 2001 CEDPA Conference, changes in the NOC abound! We will once again be displaying the latest in network gear, wireless connectivity and some of the newest innovations in the world of technology. Two strands of technical presentations will once again be offered, but this year, only one will be offered in the NOC. The second strand will now take place in a separate breakout room. This will offer a more spacious environment for the display of equipment and one-on-one engineer sessions.
There will also be two separate areas with more workstations than ever for web browsing and email retrieval. Vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft, Apple, Sehi Computers, Tangent Lightspeed Software and Amp have already committed to helping us out with their wares and technical expertise. The list of supporting vendors is increasing daily along with the gear available for our perusal during the conference.
Wireless connectivity will be highlighted throughout this year's conference. Much of our conference LAN will be arranged with wireless technology. What better place to go for briefings on technology that is sure to be driving the LANs and WANs in the educational world's future? Our 2001 NOC will be able to accommodate more attendees than ever before with even better gear to amaze all of us. Plan to attend the 2001 Conference and donít forget to visit the NOC often!
The printed edition of the DataBus incorrectly attributed this article to another CEDPA director.