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   DataBus - Vol 41 No. 4: June-July, 2001
Digital California Project Update

DCP Project Management is pleased to report that connectivity was established to the first two node sites in the DCP network since last month's DataBus newsletter. In late April 2001, the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education was the first of the node sites to get connected to DCP, which servers some 96 schools and about 37,000 students. As California State Senator Jack O'Connell (D-San Luis Obispo) indicated, "This is a significant milestone for K-12 schools in San Luis Obispo county and all of California...It will enable unparalleled collaboration and delivery of rich academic programs and learning content to all 58 California Counties."
This was followed by the second DCP node site to be connected to the DCP network, the Fresno County Office of Education. The press release CENIC issued about the network rollout having officially started with the San Luis Obispo COE node is available at www.cenic.org, as is a wealth of other information about the Digital California Project.
The focus of DCP Project Management will be to connect as many node sites as possible prior to the start of the new academic year that begins in September. Meanwhile, planning and research into the applications that will eventually become available over the DCP network is underway, headed by John A. Vaille, Ed.D., Director of DCP Applications.
Edwin W. Smith is Project Manager for 4CNet and a member of the DCP Project Management Team.