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   DataBus - Vol 41 No. 3: April-May, 2001
CEDPA Announces Membership Drive

CEDPA has received many requests over the years for our advice and input on major statewide technology initiatives as well as our thoughts and opinions on current technology issues. In an effort to position our organization to be better prepared when we receive such requests, we surveyed our conference attendees regarding membership at our last conference.
Overwhelmingly, the conference attendees agreed having a formal membership would be a benefit to them, their organizations and for advocating on statewide technology issues. To facilitate our membership process we have developed an online membership form. To become an official member, the form must be filled out, printed, signed, and then faxed to our membership department. There is no annual fee at this time to gain membership but we are requiring the form to be signed and faxed back to us so that we have your authorization to include your responses on periodic surveys we may conduct on items of interest to our organization. Membership is open to individuals, organizations, retirees, and vendors.
Specifically, annual membership is granted to attendees of CEDPA's annual conference and is included in the main conference registration fee. Annual membership in CEDPA is also available to K-12 technology professionals and can be obtained by:
  • Filling out the information requested on our membership page at http://cedpa-k12.org/membership.shtml
  • Printing out the membership form that is returned to you,
  • Signing the form; and
  • Faxing the signed form to our membership department at 916.684.9447.
If you are not able to attend our annual conference, you must resubmit a signed membership form to renew your annual membership.
As a member, you are granted full membership benefits. You will receive our bi-monthly Databus newsletter, announcements for CEDPA-sponsored events and our Annual Conference, and access to membership-only web-based information repositories now under development. You will also have the right to vote on CEDPA business issues.
At CEDPA's discretion, the information you provide may be shared with other CEDPA members and professional affiliates to facilitate information exchange and networking.
Finally, you will also be asked to certify the following:
"I accept membership in CEDPA K-12 Technologists, and support the objectives of CEDPA as stated in the organization by-laws (http://cedpa-k12.org/bylaws.shtml). I recognize that I may periodically be asked to participate in surveys, the results of which will be used to present a statewide voice regarding K-12 technology issues, but that my participation in any survey is voluntary."
By having our members sign an annual membership form and participate in surveys we believe we will be able to more effectively represent statewide technology views from those that are doing the work on a daily basis. We feel this is a very powerful voice that is being underutilized at this time. We hope you take the time to fill out the membership form and fax it in and we look forward to working with you more closely on technology issues in the future.