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   DataBus - Vol 40 No 5: August-September, 2000
Technology Spotlight On: Pomona Unified School District

The Village at Indian Hills in Pomona Unified School District was the site for a recent statewide Technology Literacy Challenge (TLC) Grant meeting and visitation. TLC project administrators were very impressed by this "school within a mall". The Village boasts several state-of-the-art technology labs as well as an interactive NASA facility and wireless networking.
As with other TLC projects, staff development has been a key component of successful technology integration and implementation. Pomona Unified received their competitively-awarded grant in the first round of funding in 1997. By summer's end, 169 teachers will have received professional development using the trainer-of-trainers model. The first group of teachers received training incentives that included a laptop computer and software (Microsoft Office, Hyperstudio, Inspiration, Filemaker Pro, etc.) at a cost of approximately $6,000. Margaret Goss, Director of Instructional Technology recalled that affirmation of the TLC staff development's success came from an unlikely source. As the program grew and funds were not available to continue the hardware/software package for teachers, school site administrators voiced their support by finding funds within their own budgets to supply the laptop and computer programs.
Extended partnerships with business and community members have been of great benefit to the project. Some of the partnerships include: Cisco Systems, Apple Computer, Solar Systems, and SMARTBoard, Inc. Pomona works with DeVry Institute of Technology to utilize students in their Sophomore year as technology interns in a work/study program with the district to provide technical support to the project. Teacher specialists (lead by Joyce Miller), technology specialists, mentors/coaches are integral to the successful and seamless integration of technology throughout the district. The project is moving quickly: a district-level technology committee reviews and updates the technology plan every three months.
Ms. Goss gives much of the credit for instructional leadership supported through technology to Pomona Unified's Superintendent–Mr. Patrick Leier. Margaret's advice to those who would like to replicate the Pomona's success is, "Perserverance; because the bottom line is–our children deserve it."
For more information on this Project, you may contact: Margaret Goss, Pomona Unified School District, (909) 397- 4785, or . Please see the following URL for a more in-depth look at the district's technology profile: http://www.pusd.org/InstructionalTechnology/.
Dr. Joyce Hinkson is a consultant for the California Department of Education's Education Technology Office. She may be reached at (916) 323-2241 or by e-mail at