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   DataBus - Vol 40 No 2: February-March, 2000
President's Corner

The year 2000 has come and gone and most of us came through without a glitch. It seems that all of our preparation paid off. As we move into the new millennium, I look forward to the exciting times ahead. With the rapid pace at which technology is advancing, K-12 technologists are sure to be at the heart of new ways to communicate, move information, and assess data all the while focused on the end goal of improving student achievement. As an organization, you can count on CEDPA to keep you up-to-date with the goings-on around the state in technology's ever-changing role in education.
This year I am pleased to announce the addition of three regular columns to the DataBus. With E-rate well into its third year, it can be a good source of technology funds for many of us. Thanks to Van Wilkinson of the California Department of Education, you can count on regular up-to-date information on the subject. His column "California Takes the E-rate" will be a valuable resource as we move through year three and prepare for year four funding.
For those of us interested in California School Information Services (CSIS) and the progress of the statewide student information database, Bob Friedman brings us "CSIS Happenings." Bob is the Chief Operating Officer at CSIS.
Some of our members are busy behind the scenes building infrastructure and do not have the opportunity to hear what the impact of technology has on the classroom. Joyce Hinkson, working as a consultant for the Technology and Literacy Challenge Grant program, is behind the "School Technology Spotlight." In the column you will read about what teachers, schools and districts around the state are doing with the infrastructures we work so hard to build and support.
As a member, you will receive the DataBus by mail and be able to view it online as well. Our new members-only listserve will be used to distribute a link to the online version along with other announcements such as SIG meetings or the latest information on other relevant issues. This one-way listserve is managed by the CEDPA Board and will not be used by vendors or others as an advertising medium or discussion board.
As our SIGs move toward regional meetings, our members have gained new interest up and down the state. The regional meetings are a great opportunity to get together with other CEDPA members in your area to share ideas and discuss issues relevant to your region. Check your mail for the announcement of a meeting in your region or logon to our website at http://cedpa-k12.org for upcoming meetings.
With the new millennium comes new challenges. CEDPA is made up of just the group of people to tackle those challenges. Our annual conference has proven year after year to be a great event to collaborate with your peers, hear new ideas and get the latest technical advice from the experts. Creative solutions to complicated technical and changing educational issues combined with the CEDPA networking are a winning combination for districts and, more importantly, the students of California. We are ready to meet the challenge!