California Educational Data Processing Association
The DataBus - Vol. 36, No. 1
December, 1995-January, 1996

Call for Speakers for the 1996 CEDPA Conference in Palm Springs

Judy Acosta, Ventura County Superintendent of Schools

The 1995 Conference, which was held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, was a huge success. The breakout sessions were well attended, and the topics covered were timely and relevant to what's happening in our "world" today. My definition of our "world" is the technological side of education. In today's economy with downsizing running rampant through our districts and county offices, we are asked to do more and more with less and less. But, being the outstanding technologists that we are, we are keeping our heads above water, and doing a great job of meeting the demands placed upon our departments.

The CEDPA board has begun planning the breakout session presentations for the 1996 CEDPA conference in Palm Springs. We need presentations that will be timely and appropriate to our areas of responsibility.

Wouldn't you like to share your success (or un-success) with us? Tell us how you managed to survive all the budget cuts, yet still managed to get your district/school/county networked. How are you dealing with the "cross-platform" environment? Share your experiences and nightmares with the new student system software you installed. There are many, many of us who have not managed to conquer all that you have. Be nice, tell us about those pitfalls before we encounter them.

Let's make the 1996 Palm Springs CEDPA Conference one of the best ever. If you need a vendor to help you make your presentation, please feel free to bring one. We always try and keep breakout sessions "generic", but we also realize that vendors help us to achieve our successes.

In this issue you will find a "Call for Speaker" page. Please fill out and return to me at your earliest convenience. I would like to have breakout sessions firmly in place by the middle of 1996 in order to be able to include the program in the Conference Announcement. If you have any suggestions for topics or speakers, please feel free to call me at 805-383-1954 or e-mail me at

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