President's Message

The 1996 CEDPA conference will be one of our best ever. No, I am not saying that because I have to. I am convinced that you will find it necessary to come to the CEDPA conference or attend another conference similar to CEDPA’s this year, or your management should have serious doubts about your abilities.

Let's take a look at what is happening out there. First, the State of California is telling us that we must change the way we are doing our accounting–and they are serious about it this time. How are you going to handle this? Are you going to try to convert your legacy system? Are you going to purchase and install a new system? If you purchase a new system and your organization is as resistant to change as mine is, how do you get their hearts and souls into the project?

Next on the hit parade is the coming millennium. Does your legacy system handle the year 2000? If not, do you try to convert or do you purchase and install something new? What do you buy? Who is having success with new system implementations? Who has fallen on their faces–and why?

That concludes the fear and loathing segment to this message. For these reasons alone, you must network with your peers at the CEDPA conference. We are talking about almost three days of intensive keynotes, breakouts, vendor shows, and social opportunities to find out what is going on out there. You will return to your district or county office with so much information you will be able to face these incredible issues with greater ease.

But enough of the dark side, what about the fun stuff? With the State finally looking better financially and the advancements in technology continuing to accelerate, CEDPA is the place to stay on top and cut through the usual sales hype. The keynotes and breakouts will give you in-depth information on what is current and what is right around the corner. The vendors have all been told to come prepared for the tough questions. They know that we are not the group to send casual salespersons to–if they don't bring their best engineers, they are “toast” with this group.

This is our first conference in Palm Springs and it is really coming together. The Marquis Hotel is wonderful and Palm Springs in October just cannot be beat. This conference is guaranteed to kick-start your year and get your organization heading in the right direction. See you there!

Ken Jones
CEDPA President

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