Breakout Sessions

A Day With The President--NetDay at Mt. Diablo
Ygnacio Valley High School in Concord had special NetDay volunteers: President Clinton and Vice-President Gore. This session will deal with the planning of the project, its execution, and the 300 or so people who accompanied the President. Did you ever try to operate a drill with the President and a Secret Service agent looking over your shoulder?
Perry Polk, Director, Data Processing, Mt. Diablo Unified School District

Acceptable Use Policies
This presentation will be a hosted discussion by panelists to review the variety of ways possible to implement acceptable use policies for students and staff. Different provisions from a number of policies will be presented.
Warren Williams, Director, Computer and Technology Services, Grossmont Union High School District

California School Information Services (CSIS)
The presentation will describe the status of the funding proposal to the State Department of Finance for fiscal year 1996-97 for CSIS implementation, subsequent activities undertaken since the new fiscal year, and an update on demonstration project progress.
Jan Volkoff, CSIS Coordinator, California Department of Education (CDE); Kathleen Barfield, CSIS Director, WestEd; Lynn Baugher, Administrator, Educational Demographics, CDE

Circuits to Internet, One Year Free
This presentation will give you information about obtaining free digital telephone circuits that are ideal for either connecting many computers to the Internet simultaneously, or for conducting video conference meetings or training.
Michael J. Todd, Manager for Education First, Pacfic Bell

Connected to Success
Learn how the Santa Ana Unified School District connected 54 sites to a wide area network utilizing the existing instructional television infrastructure.
Paul Bewley, IS Director, Santa Ana Unified School District

Controlling Windows 95 Client Access on Windows NT and Novell Netware Networks
This presentation will describe alternatives to centrally administering Windows 95-based clients on Windows NT and Novell Netware networks. The User Profiles and System Policies features of Windows 95 can be used to control client privileges such as system feature and application program access, desktop appearance, control panel accessibility, and the ability to shell to the DOS command prompt and the execution of DOS commands. These features allow desktops of client groups (such as students or administrative staff) to be standardized while providing the administrative controls necesssary to manage enterprise-wide networked clients.
Darryl LaGace, Director of Information Systems, Lemon Grove School District; Addison Ching, Consultant

Creating Multimedia Networks With ATM
This session will cover some of the basics of the latest network technology, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), and present one district’s design and implementation approach in establishing a fully-interactive, campus-wide, multimedia network based upon this technology.
Michael Droe, Director of Networks and Computer Services, Hacienda La Puente Unified School District

EGGMAN (Elk Grove Greater Metropolitan Area Network)
How to negotiate, design, and implement a voice, video, and data metropolitan area network.
Charles Burns, Director Information Services, Elk Grove Unified School District

How To Manage A Successful Help Desk
Learn how Washoe County School District (Nevada) installed and implemented a successful help desk operation.
Bonnie Matson, Washoe County (Nevada) School District

How to Survive a Computer Audit
"The Auditors Are Here!" No other phrase can be so unsettling to an information system manager. Each year, more audit firms are including a detailed review of information systems as part of their regular audit. This presentation shows you what the auditors are looking for, what documentation you will need, and how to deal with common situations. You will receive a comprehensive checklist to make sure your department is in order.
Vincent Turner, Vavrinek Trine Day and Company

Internet Performance and Security Issues
Deploying caching proxy servers to improve internet performance and security.
Farley Stewart, Director of Marketing, Internet Products Inc.

Internet Technical Academy
The ITA is a clearinghouse of technical training and support services available to California’s K-12 Education Community. This presentation will show you how to identify available resources and articulate your need for courses and other training resources.
Andrea McCurdy, WestEd

The Lemon Grove Story, Part II
The Lemon Grove School District has been a pioneer in the use of microwaves to support their district’s wide area network infrastructure. Last year you heard about Darryl La Gace’s technological feat in installing and implementing the network. Now hear from the people who actually use the network–the site administrators and teaching staff. Find out how it serves them and why they consider their network among the best around.
Darryl La Gace, Director of Information Systems, Lemon Grove School District; Barbara Allen, Principal, LGSD

Moving From Mainframes to a Distributed
Network: A Case Study of the San Diego Unified School District It sounds too good to be true–a school district that runs as efficiently as a well-oiled corporate machine with a network delivering not only an intensive technology curriculum but also carrying important faculty and administrative data. It’s happening now at San Diego Unified.
Bill Honaker, Software Systems Analyst, San Diego Unified School District; Anne Skelton, Data Communications Analyst, SDUSD; Richard Fabian, District Educational Technology Specialist, SDUSD.

Novell’s Intranet Strategy
How the Intranet takes advantage of the inherent benefits of the LAN and allows people to collaborate in sharing information and resources. Novell’s strategic approach in leveraging their past excellence in LAN’s and extending this knowledge base into graphical information and HTML pages. JAVA, SUN, and NDS providing the next generation application-execution environment. Open Market Secure Link technology and the NetWare Web Server.
Lewis Wagman, National Marketing Manager, Novell, Inc.

Roundtable--Novell vs. Windows NT
This roundtable will take an in-depth look at the features of the Windows NT and Novell NetWare Network Operating Systems and how they compare with each other. Bring your networking questions and issues to the table or share your experiences with the group. Microsoft and Novell engineers will be on hand to provide solutions to your problems.
Moderated by Eric Boutwell, San Francisco Unified School District and Warren Williams, Grossmont Union High School District.

A Superintendent’s Perspective
This session will focus on a superintendent’s novice perspective in the development of a flexible computer network infrastructure for a small to medium size school district. A short presentation of a collaborative approach with a consultant and superintendent on the design and implementation of this project, the technological language and ideology from an administrative point of view. There will be additional insights and strategies for technology staff and consultants as they work with district administration.
Ken Chapman, Superintendent, Beardsley School District; Steve Linder, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Certified Professional Consultant.

Switching to ATM
Bandwidth demands are increasing as new and more numerous applications come on-line, servers are centralized and Internet use increases. Therefore, IS managers must look towards strategic ways of solving the network bottlenecks that exist today while at the same time providing allowances for even more bandwidth demands as the network evolves. This discussion will focus on how switching (Ethernet, Token Ring and/or ATM) can provide bandwidth relief to busy networks and still protect current investments and allow a growth path as networks demands increase. We will also look at management requirements of these new switched LANs and what to look for when selecting a switching solution.
Gary Landau, Network Engineer, Madge Networks

Technology Vision Into Reality
The vision that became the plan - Desert Sands Unified School District is one of the most technologically advanced school districts in the country. See a multimedia presentation of the description of the district Microwave network. The network provides connectivity to 21 schools, which allows every teacher and administrator to be online accessing Internet, e-mail, and standard software. Lots of good things to see in this presentation.
Dr. George Araya, Technology Coordinator, Desert Sands Unified School District

They Want Internet--What Do I Do?
This presentation is an overview of some of the things people should consider before they take the plunge. Considerations will be cost, platform choices, skills and manpower requirements, partnership building schemes, etc.
Jeff Bowser, Network Administrator and Director of Bay Area Educators Network (BAE-NET)

Understanding Living Trusts
This workshop will address the many questions school employees have regarding living trusts and the need for estate planning. We will explore the advantages and disadvantages of living trusts, identify the important components of a living trust package, and help you to determine if you need and can benefit from a living trust. You’ve worked hard for your assets, make sure that Uncle Sam and probate attorneys do not become your primary beneficiaries.
Linda Wilson, Certified Financial Planner, Zuk & Associates

Utilizing Microsoft’s Internet Tools in Education
Attend this session to learn about Microsoft’s latest Internet/Intranet tools, solutions and strategies! A demonstration will be given which will highlight ways to effectively utilize the Internet and an onsite Intranet for learning and administration in the K-12 institution.
Microsoft Corporation

Where Do We Go From Here--Trends in Student Information Systems
Macro Educational Systems has been developing centralized, site-based, and distributed student information systems for more than 15 years. We will discuss and review the past and how student information systems will leverage technology in the classroom.
Gary Smith, Vice President, Marketing, Macro Educational Systems

Wireless WANs--Bandwidth on a Budget
This will be a presentation of the 33 site wireless WAN installed at FSUSD, including a discussion of the equipment used and the testing process. Discussion of the concerns involved with developing a wireless WAN and the many options available.
Dave Paulson, Director, Data Processing, Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District; Bob Thomas, Network Technician, Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District.

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