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Fess Parker’s Double Tree Resort, Santa Barbara, California


Conference Dates

Pre conference  November 18, 2003

Regular conference  November 19 -21, 2003


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     Annual Conference


Preconference Sessions
Tuesday, November 18, 2003

This year the Conference will offer two great sessions: Migrating to Exchange 2003 & Linux (Open-source Systems in the K-12 environment).   

Session Time: 1:00 PM  

Migrating to Exchange 2003 - Microsoft Co.

Exchange 2003 offers large costs savings by operating on fewer servers, specially if you are migrating from Exchange 5.5 With new resources and tools, the upgrade and migration to Exchange 2003 is smooth, fast, and cost-effective.

Learn of great opportunities to simplify operations, increase server availability and reliability, reduce the time it takes to do backup and restores, and reduce the number of servers for Exchange. Exchange 2003 offers better server consolidation with more mailboxes per server. Exchange 5.5 users will find increased performance between Outlook clients and Exchange 2003. Support for four-node and eight-node clusters when used with Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition or Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition, and improved performance on replication traffic when used with Windows Server 2003.

Session Time: 3:00 PM

 Linux – Open-source Systems in K-12 – Sun Microsystems

 Open-source computing is spreading across the enterprise. Linux, is one such Open Source that has been embraced by the user community as the fastest growing operating system. Learn how you can use Linux to your  benefit: Linux can be customized to leverage the component resources in a computer to achieve high performance and move to ubiquitous desktops and server services within the K-12 community. Come and listen about this industry evolution with Linux and Open source. Because of its roots in UNIXR, Linux offers a fairly painless migration path for systems and applications running on UNIX.


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