Windows 2000 Product Line


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Windows 2000 Product Line

Goals For Windows 2000

Server Features

Professional Features

Platform Features

Windows 2000 Server

Directory Computing Today

Active Directory Technologies

Active Directory

Active Directory in Action

Directory Brokering & Sync

Active Directory Services InterfaceProgramming with directories made easy!

ADSI Summary

Transition Options

Client Options




Distributed File System (DFS)

File ServersBetter in key scenarios

File Server Upgrade scenario

Print ServersBetter in key scenarios

Web ServersBetter in key scenarios

Application ServersBetter in key scenarios

Networking serversBetter in key scenarios

Adding The Active Directory

Domain Upgrades

Domain Restructure

Active Directory UpgradeSmall district infrastructure

Active Directory UpgradeSingle Domain Upgrade

Terminal Services

Interoperability Solutions

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The Latest Statistics

Itís Bigger Than MicrosoftHardware Support

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Itís Bigger Than MicrosoftISV Support

Knock Your Socks Off Statistics

What Language Do You Speak Today?

Some Pretty Cool Stats

More Cool Stats

More Cool Stats

More Cool Stats

RC 2: Application Compatibility

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