Under direction of the Director of Technology, assists in the implementation of the District's Strategic Plan for Technology, including voice, video, facsimile, and data transmission; supervises personnel in setting up new networks; trains and evaluates personnel in network component usage; manages and troubleshoots wide area network, servers, and minicomputers; performs other duties as assigned.


* Supervises documentation regarding the configuration of LUSD LAN/WAN and the point-to-point network including circuit numbers, circuit types, modems, multiplexers, DSU's, channel banks, microwaves, satellite dishes, IP addresses, and other related information.

* Maintains configuration documentation on all networked microcomputers and peripherals including terminals and remote printers on the mainframe systems.

* Supervises the expansion of the point-to-point and LAN/WAN networks, including meeting with vendors, users, and Technology Services personnel.

* Creates and maintains all shared resources on all servers.

* Creates and maintains all user lists for all servers, including ensuring the proper security is set up and maintained regularly.

* Designs, tests, and implements client/server LAN configurations.

* Coordinates with the Purchasing Department and vendors to obtain price quotations for the installation of cabling, software, hardware, and maintenance pertaining to networked computerized equipment.

* Reviews, tests, and implements all off-the-shelf networkable applications.

* Develops and recommends construction specifications for new schools and the remodeling of older schools with the Facilities Planning Department as it relates to networked applications.

* Acts as the primary contact person between LUSD and various telephone service and equipment providers.

* Supervises district-wide standards for telephone equipment, including all schools and district offices.

* Coordinates complete connect/disconnect orders for all district telephone circuits; conducts periodic reviews of telephone bills to ensure overbilling does not occur.

* Coordinates assignment of all telephone numbers and locations within district property.

* Reviews and approves adds/moves/changes of telephone equipment to ensure proper budgetary allocation and adherence to standards.

* Monitors all telephone work orders to ensure timely completion.

* Prepares annual budget requests for telecommunications.

* Coordinates maintenance contracts as required.

* Supervises the maintenance and repair of audio/visual equipment.

* Plans, organizes, supervises, and evaluates the work of microcomputer and telephone technicians and other assigned personnel.


1. Knowledge of:

* AppleShare, AppleTalk, Ethernet, and LocalTalk as implemented in Apple-based networks;

* Centrex, PBX, Key Systems, T1, Frame Relay, ISDN and ADN telephone circuits, and services;

* Principles of supervision.

2. Ability to:

* Diagnose digital and analog network difficulties;

* Diagnose network software problems.

3. Education and Experience:

Any combination of education and experience equivalent to graduation from a college or university with a major in computer science, management information systems, or electrical engineering. Experience in selection and installation or private branch exchange equipment including needs analysis and bid specifications; experience installing and administering microcomputer local and wide area networks; installing and administering Ethernet, 10BaseT, 10Base2, and TCP/IP based networks; experience with network management and network management softwares.

Approved by the Governing Board: 6/20/95
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