Netscape Releases Navigator Version 2.02

Netscape released version 2.02 of Netscape Navigator web browser on May 18, 1996. This update corrects several bugs which existed in previous versions of Navigator, including the 2.01 release.

This bug fix release reportedly solves the security problems that deal with the processing of Java script, as reported in the April-May issue of The DataBus and in the Netscape Security Bug alert on this website. The bug fix release also corrects the screen reload function that was corrupted with the shift to daylight savings time. Since Netscape's internal clock did not know how to handle the time change, the time references attached to cached screens reflected standard time, an hour slow. Any attempt to reload a screen that was loaded during the previous hour would result in the cached version being refreshed instead of a fresh copy being downloaded from the target website.

The temporary fix around this problem was to flush both the memory and disk caches and reload the image. Version 2.02 now allows reloads to work properly without respect to time standards. For further information, visit the Netscape home page. Information about the security enhancements in Netscape Navigator 2.02 can be found on the Enhancements in Netscape Navigator 2.02 page at Netscape.

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