Elk Grove Unified School District
Supervisor, Information Systems Operations
(revised 3/96)

Position Responsibility:
Under direction, is responsible for coordination of data entry and reporting schedules for school sites; coordination of input cutoffs and report schedules for Accounts Payable, Payroll and Personnel data; creating and supervising the execution of the monthly production schedule; supervision and training of data entry operators and senior computer technicians; training of mainframe application users; supervision of microfilming staff and execution of annual microfilming plan.

Directly Responsible to:

Director, Information Systems Operations or Designee

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Acts as liaison between all user departments to coordinate procedures relating to data flow between them.
2. Establish and maintain data processing operations schedule to include coordination of all cutoffs for input of SIS data, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Personnel and budget documents and other data entry forms.
3. Act as liaison between operations and programming staff.
4. Reschedule operations based on user department requirements as needed.
5. Provide third tier direct support to SIS remote users via SIS hotline or
on-site visits.
6. Set up and monitor data control procedures and period end (month, quarter, annual) processing.
7. Monitor central computer systems performance and tune operating system accordingly for HP 3000 and HP 9000 minicomputers, including preventative maintenance and repair as needed.
8. Monitor diagnostic and security systems and take actions required to keep systems running and secure.
9. Maintain proper database configuration on all district mini-computers for centralized applications including capacities, indexes, and user access rights.
10. Establish work schedules for computer operator, data entry operator and senior computer technician.
11. Train data entry operators, computer operators and senior computer technicians, assign their daily work and review and appraise performance as required.
12. Provide mainframe application training for new users as required.
13. Review console log and other security reports daily for potential security problems.
14. Prepare estimates and purchase requests for all Information Systems production supplies.
15. Prepare budgets and annual plans for microfilming.
16. Perform other duties as required.

Knowledge and Skills:

Knowledge of HP Image; MPE IX; operating Hewlett Packard 3000 computers; thorough knowledge of the HP Spooler, database utilities, file copying, backup, and other major utilities commonly found on Hewlett Packard mini-computers. Knowledge of HP UX and operation of HP 9000 Unix based mini-computers.

Training, Education and Experience:
Minimum of two years experience as a senior or lead computer operator and/or database administrator of a multiple computer installation of Hewlett Packard computers; experience with Wide Area Network administration utilities and HP remote bridges, hubs, and DTC's. Desirable: AA degree in computer science with emphasis on Management Information Systems and Telecommunications.