California Educational Data Processing Association
The DataBus - Vol. 38, No. 1
December, 1997-January, 1998

Have you visited CEDPA's website lately? Do you like the remodeled look?

Most of the site's pages were recently redesigned to provide an "updated" look and to enhance site navigation. A common navigation bar with clickable topic buttons appears on the top tiers. Standard fonts were replaced with more universally readable fonts designed especially for web browsing.

You may have noticed the appearance of two special logos on the navigation bar. These two clickable logos -- "Microsoft Internet Explorer" and "Built on Microsoft Windows NT Server/Powered by Microsoft BackOffice/with Microsoft Internet Information Server" -- are there to symbolize Microsoft's relationship with CEDPA and acknowledge CEDPA's appreciation to Microsoft for partially underwriting the support costs of CEDPA's website.

"CEDPA appreciates Microsoft's involvement and support of our activities," said Addison Ching, editor of CEDPA's newsletter and CEDPA's webmaster. "Their commitment to K-12 education is clearly evident by their association with CEDPA and our site."

Glenn Osako, Education Market Manager for Microsoft Corporation Southern California District adds, "I checked the site and it's first-class...looks great! I really appreciate...all the hard work on this; I think this strengthens our partnership." Osako continued, "We look forward to providing your organization with on-going information and support."

As a part of the arrangement, CEDPA will host an informational page on its website that will be dedicated to Microsoft surveys and items of interest to K-12 technologists. Look for the appearance of this page in the near future.

CEDPA's site is hosted on a Pentium 200 computer running Windows NT Server 4.0 with Microsoft Internet Information Server 3.0. The site can be reached at cedpa-k12.org.

How does that graphic "rotate?" How does the IE globe spin? These and many other web animations are done using animated GIFs. Special programs such as WWW GIF Animator and GIF Construction Set can be used to assemble multiple images into a single GIF file. The animation effect is accomplished by changing the individual images at intervals as defined in the GIF file.

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