California Educational Data Processing Association
The DataBus - Vol. 38, No. 1
December, 1997-January, 1998
Cisco Systems Any to Any--Technology Migration Program

Upgrading: Equipment investments can be leveraged towards future purchases.

Sue Mangiapane, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cisco is pleased to announce its Technology Migration Plan; an innovative, industry first allowing customers to trade the vast majority of Cisco products for any other Cisco product. This program underscores Cisco's commitment to providing end-to-end product solutions as well as emphasizing our commitment to provide effective migration options in the face of ever changing network requirements.

Only Cisco can offer a comprehensive set of product solutions, network design & consulting expertise, worldwide support, and now a plan allowing customers to address their current networking needs with the assurance they can leverage their investment toward future purchases. This allows customers to focus their attention on the other requirements driving their business and reinforces Cisco's commitment to act as a proactive partner in helping our customers gain competitive advantage with a constant stream of innovative technical and commercial solutions.

This program covers the major products offered by Cisco (Interface Modules, Chassis Units, Software). Minor ancillary product offering such as cables, memory, and power supplies are not covered. This program represents approximately 90% of Cisco's entire product offering. The program is global in scope and will be offered through channel partners. Any Cisco product not covered under this program umbrella, or competitor's products, may be addressed on a 1-off basis. Inquiries may be directed to your local Cisco Account Manager.

The following terms and conditions are specific to the Technology Migration Plan and are in addition to Cisco Systems Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale and Software License or Cisco/customer negotiated contracts.

For additional information on how you can trade-in older Cisco Product as well as Competitive Product for New Cisco Equipment please contact your local Account Manager.

Sue Mangiapane 714-789-5006 [email protected]
Jill Nelson 415-439-2529 [email protected]
Laura Reynolds 510-327-3439 [email protected]
Brandy Weld 510-855-4813 [email protected]

Sue Mangiapane is Account Manager for Cisco Systems, Inc. She can be reached by telephone at (714) 789-5006, by FAX at (714) 789-5005, or by e-mail at [email protected].

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