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The DataBus - Vol. 37, No. 6
October-November, 1997
Cisco Announces MC3810 Multiservice Access Concentrator

Sue Mangiapane, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cisco Systems is pleased to announce the Cisco MC3810, a compact, low-cost multiservice access concentrator that combines voice, video, and data traffic for transport over public or private ATM, Frame Relay, or leased-line networks. Using the latest voice-over-network and multiservice technologies, the Cisco MC3810 reduces network operating costs by combining compressed voice, video, and data on the same network connection. Remote configuration makes the Cisco MC3810 easy to manage, and by supporting multiservices on a single device, equipment costs are reduced. IT professionals can cost-effectively deploy the Cisco MC3810 as a single-device solution for a wide range of enterprise or managed network services, extending multiservice capabilities to the edges of the network.


Delivers On Voice Data Integration

The industry-leading, standards-based Cisco IOS™ software platform delivers network services across the network, connecting small and remote sites into a reliable network infrastructure and providing a scalable migration path. Cisco IOS software at the heart of the Cisco MC3810 makes it an access solution with built-in, carrier-class routing capabilities. Cisco V2D™ technology integrates robust voice and video transport capabilities into Cisco IOS software, making the Cisco MC3810 a true multimedia, multiservice access platform.

V2D technology provides voice switching and transport services over ATM, Frame Relay or HDLC networks. Advanced call management capabilities provide PSTN connectivity and allow calls to be routed from "on-net" to "off-net" when network resources are limited. This ensures the lowest possible networking costs while maintaining high network availability. V2D transports video over ATM via circuit emulation for streaming video or variable bit rate (VBR) for packetized video. It implements standards-based traffic management techniques for ensuring quality of service (QoS) when using ATM or Frame Relay. With built-in V2D technology, the Cisco MC3810 is the perfect access device for delivering high-quality video applications, such as videoconferencing and distance learning, over ATM networks.

Maximize Voice Quality Over the Data Network

The Cisco MC3810 provides up to 24 digital channels (8 Kbps each) of compressed voice. A standard CS-ACELP algorithm compresses voice with toll quality for transport over ATM, Frame Relay or HDLC networks without hardware changes. The ability to consolidate voice applications over a single access link gives IT professionals unmatched flexibility, reduces equipment costs, and simplifies network management.

Provide Full-featured Call Handling

With a comprehensive range of call handling features, the Cisco MC3810 provides full-featured voice switching. Flexible call set-up and call handling features include:

Dynamic DSP resource allocation maximizes the Cisco MC3810 total system utilization and availability. More than a simple point-to-point solution, the Cisco MC3810 delivers the robust call handling features required in enterprise and managed services environments.

Ensure Complete ATM Access

The Cisco MC3810 is a T1/E1 service and supports non real time and real time VBR, CBR, and UBR service classes. It supports data transport over AAL5 for all LAN protocols and voice compression with silence suppression to maximize bandwidth utilization. Voice may be transported in real time VBR or constant bit rate (CBR) mode. The Cisco MC3810 also supports circuit emulation for transporting traffic through an ATM network to a public switched network.

Video over ATM is supported by the Cisco MC3810 in real time VBR and CBR modes. CBR is used for streaming video, such as MPEG from a video codec. VBR support is used to transport video received from packet-based devices. The QoS parameters built into ATM ensure that voice and video traffic receive the required bandwidth while it is transported with data traffic over the access link to the network.

Reduce Access and Management Costs with Flexible Trunking

The Cisco MultiFlex Access™ feature enables IT professionals to configure several trunk types via software at the physical and protocol levels. This level of flexibility supports ATM, Frame Relay, and channel-bank functionality without changes in hardware, and allows the user to choose the best service to meet their business needs. MultiFlex Access enables trunk speeds from 56/64 Kbps to 2.048 Mbps, and the ability to consolidate multiple applications onto a single access platform enables remote offices to significantly reduce the access portion of their telecommunications costs.

Frame Relay/ATM interworking enables the Cisco MC3810 to be easily deployed in networks with a mix of Frame Relay and ATM access points. Frame Relay/ATM interworking simplifies network design, reduces inventory carrying costs, and ensures investment protection when migrating to ATM.

Completely Standards Compliant

The Cisco MC3810 is built on industry standards from the ground up. All port types conform to all aspects of voice and data-defined standards in ITU, ANSI, and other public forums. The ATM, Frame Relay, or leased line T1/E1 multiflex trunking are public service compatible.

Reduce Management Costs and Overhead

The Cisco MC3810 incorporates a comprehensive set of MIBs and is manageable by CiscoView™ network management software. With CiscoView, IT professionals can view management information in a wide range of graphical representations and consistent formats for easy management. CiscoView integrates easily with standard SNMP managers, such as HP OpenView and SunNet Manager. With standards-based management support, the Cisco MC3810 enhances multiservice access while reducing management costs and eliminating the need for standalone management systems.

For more information about the Cisco MC3810 Multiservice Concentrator, contact your local Cisco account representative today or visit Cisco's Web site at www.cisco.com.

Sue Mangiapane is Account Manager for Cisco Systems, Inc. She can be reached by telephone at (714) 789-5006, by FAX at (714) 789-5005, or by e-mail at [email protected]

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