California Educational Data Processing Association
The DataBus - Vol. 37, No. 5
August-September, 1997

CEDPA's Website Wins Two Awards

CEDPA's website has been recognized by two web rating sources for excellence and content applicability.

In January, 1997, LookSmart, the next generation of web directories committed to quality and superior user web experience, awarded CEDPA the Editor's Choice Award for its website. This award conveys the highest standard for providing a useful and high-quality website. LookSmart is a subsidiary of Reader's Digest and can be reached at http://www.looksmart.com.

In June, one of The Databus articles that also appears in the on-line electronic version at CEDPA's website was designated to be included in the PC Webopaedia. The PC Webopaedia is a web-based on-line encyclopedia of computer and electronic-based terms and definitions and can be reached at http://www.pcwebopaedia.com. The article that was recognized was "Internet Access Control Using Proxy Servers" which appeared in the December, 1995-January, 1996, issue of The DataBus and is available on-line at http://cedpa-k12.org/databus-issues/v36n1/proxy.html.

The organizations presenting these recognitions also award the use of identification icons to symbolize the recognition. These icons have been added to the appropriate pages on CEDPA's website at http://cedpa-k12.org/.

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