California Educational Data Processing Association
The DataBus - Vol. 37, No. 5
August-September, 1997

Education Access Announces Strategic Partnership with Bay Networks Inc.

Carolyn Nicholson, Education Access

Education Access (formerly Computer Plus) the leading provider of comprehensive educational technology solutions to the K-12 education market, joins forces with Bay Networks, one of the world's largest network hardware and software manufacturers.

Education Access provides educators with the necessary expertise to plan and implement instructional, administrative and enterprise technology solutions. Focused exclusively on the education market, the company offers a complete line of education technology services and solutions including computer hardware and peripherals, systems integration/network services, curriculum and productivity software and professional development.

Marty Wachi, Sr. Systems Engineer for Education Access in Fountain Valley, California, says,"Our partnership with Bay is a very strategic choice for us, based on their breadth of product line, market presence and technical expertise. We found that end-to-end, Bay has the most comprehensive network solutions for our customers."

As a result of strategic partnerships with companies like Bay Networks, IBM, PowerComputing, and Microsoft, Education Access now provides cross-platform products, services, information, training and support for all components of education technology including Network Systems Integration, Hardware Product Sales, Software Products (Curriculum and Productivity) and Professional Development.

Bay Networks and Education Access Product Promotions: (Southern California only)

(Please contact Local Representatives for pricing outside the coverage area)

  List Price Education Access
BayStack 350T 16 Port 10/100BaseT Autosensing Ethernet Switch
(Part #: AL2012E01)

$3,995 $2,397
BayStack 350F 14 Port 10/100BaseT Autosensing Ethernet Switch
(Part #: AL2012E02)
Also 2 Ports 100FX

$4,995 $2,997
BayStack 303 22 Port 10BaseT/1 Port 100BaseTX Ethernet Switch
(Part #: AL2001E04)
1 Open Slot for 100BaseTX or 100BaseFX Port
(10BaseT Switched Ethernet at only $64 per port!)

$2,350 $1,410

To order these products and others, or for more information, please contact 1-800-446-3713. Your call will automatically be routed to your local sales office.

For on-line information, see the following URLs:

Company Contact information:

Carolyn Nicholson is Marketing Manager for Education Access, formerly Computer Plus. She can be reached at (408) 733-1349, ext. 3136, or by e-mail at [email protected].

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