California Educational Data Processing Association
The DataBus - Vol. 37, No. 4
June-July, 1997

Sun Microsystems Partnerships to Benefit K-12

Dawn Voss, Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems recently announced two third party partnerships that will benefit the K-12 educational community.

The first partnership is with UR Labs. Their I-Gear software product provides the premier solution for K-12 Internet access. Powered by Sun Microsystems hardware and the UNIX operating system, I-Gear allows Internet access to be delivered to an entire network of computers with the low cost of one dial-up ISP account. I-Gear features include:

A demo copy of I-Gear is available for download from UR Labsí website. For additional information, see their website at www.urlabs.com, or contact:

Dan Sydow, Director, Business Development
Unified Research Laboratories, Inc.
303 Butler Farm Road, Suite 106
Hampton, VA 23666-1568
(757) 865-0810 ext 22 fax: (757) 865-4528

The second partnership is with Pierian Spring Software. Their product, Digitial Chisel 3, is an authoring tool for K-12. Digital Chisel 3 is the first all-in-one authoring tool designed especially to meet the needs of education. Because both the look of the program and its functionality can be customized for different ages and skill levels, students from 2nd grade to graduate school will find Digital Chisel 3 intuitive and easy to use. The exciting thing is they are developing this product as 100% pure Java. A beta copy can be downloaded from their website at www2.pierian.com/dc3/dc3main.htm.

For information about Digital Chisel 3, contact:

Jerry Dawson
Director of Business Development
Pierian Spring Software
5200 SW Macadam Ave., Suite 570
Portland, OR 97201
(503) 222-2044 FAX (503)222-0771

Dawn Voss is Market Development Manager-Academic and Research Computing for Sun Microsystems. She may be reached at Dawn.Voss@Eng.Sun.COM

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