California Educational Data Processing Association
The DataBus - Vol. 37, No. 4
June-July, 1997

Microsoft® Open License For Education

Software: Enroll in Microsoft Open License, and receive Microsoft Office 97 and Encarta 97 licenses FREE!

Elisa Bartell, Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Open License for Education can provide you with the pricing you need to bring the vision of the Connected Learning Community to life. And now, it can also provide you with free Office 97 and Encarta® 97 licenses!

As part of our long-standing commitment to education, we offer specially reduced volume prices for schools with as few as ten desktops. By providing you with licenses, as opposed to packaged products, we can offer you prices up to 70% less than what you would normally pay. For example, Microsoft Office 97 Professional academic edition is $199 U.S. for the full-packaged product. An open license for Office 97 Professional is just $52 U.S.—that’s a savings of more than 70%!

The Microsoft Open License for Education is designed to reduce the costs associated with acquiring, upgrading, maintaining, and managing software by providing simple and flexible volume-based pricing over a two-year period. You simply acquire the minimum number of units at one of two price levels, and continue to receive that discount level for reorders over the next two years. The Microsoft Open License for Education offers the full benefits of an innovative volume-based licensing program, including:

Value. Consistent volume licensing helps you manage overall costs, facilitate consistency school-wide, and maintain control of licensed use of the Microsoft software products you need to operate your academic institution.

Simplicity. The Microsoft Open License volume licensing agreement is easy to understand, communicate, and administer. It features simple, clear terms for acquiring your software licenses. Tailored to meet your needs. Customer input helped design this simplified licensing model, which enables you to cover the products you need and offers purchasing levels that best fit your organization.

For a limited time, when you enroll or reorder at least 20 application licenses from Microsoft Open License, you will receive Office 97 and Encarta 97 licenses free. Order 20 application licenses from popular titles like Microsoft Office, Microsoft FrontPage®, Microsoft Works, Encarta World Atlas, Microsoft Visual J++™ and more and receive one free Office and one free Encarta license. Order at least 40 application licenses, you’ll receive two licenses for Office 97 and two for Encarta 97 - - -FREE! Order 60 and receive three each, and so on.

For more information on Microsoft Open License, or the Open License Promotion for Education, contact your Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller. Call 800-426-9400 in the United States or 800-563-9048 in Canada for the name of a reseller in your area.

Elisa Bartell is Education Market Manager for Microsoft Corporation, SoCal District. She may be reached at (310) 449-7344, by FAX at (310) 829-4111, or by e-mail at .

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