California Educational Data Processing Association
The DataBus - Vol. 37, No. 3
April-May, 1997

February SIG Meeting Summary

Eric Boutwell, San Francisco Unified School District

The Northern SIG meeting was held on February 21, 1997, and hosted by Cisco Systems, Inc. The theme was "WAN Design Considerations That Take Into Account the New PUC Pricing for K-12 Telecommunications". Cisco provided technical personnel to answer questions and as always we were able to draw from the experiences of the CEDPA members present . We discussed in depth ISDN vs. Frame Relay vs. Point-to-Point T1. With the current CPUC discount plan excluding Frame Relay the group of 21 CEDPA members are strongly considering migrating their networks to Point-to-Point T1. If or when Frame Relay is added to the discount plan, many members would use it as the preferred method for connectivity. We ended the meeting by analyzing each participantŐs network and discussing as a group how we would change the design taking into consideration the new pricing.

For the latest information on PUC pricing see the California department of Education web page at http://goldmine.cde.ca.gov.

Thank you to those who joined us and contributed to the discussions. The next SIG meetings are tentatively scheduled for June 12 in Yolo county and July 24 in Orange County.

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