California Educational Data Processing Association
The DataBus - Vol. 37, No. 3
April-May, 1997

Trade-in, Trade-up, Promotional Programs Announced by Cisco Systems

Equipment: Vendor offers many opportunities to upgrade to Cisco's current products.

Sue Mangiapane, Cisco Systems

Several trade-in, trade-up and promotional programs have been announced by Cisco Systems, Inc., to encourage Cisco customers or owners of competing products to upgrade their existing equipment to Cisco's current product offerings. Here is a summary of currently-available programs.

Access Server Trade-in

Expires: June 30, 1997
Customers are able to trade-in competitor's access server equipment and older generation Cisco access servers for credit toward the purchase of qualified new access servers.

AS5200 Coupon Program

Cisco rebate coupons available to apply toward product, training, or cash discount.

AS5200 Free 56K Upgrade Program

For a limited time, all AS5200s sold will receive a Free Upgrade to 56K modems as soon as the technology becomes available. Offer can be combined with AS5200 Coupon Program.


Expires: No date set
Trade-in Cabletron Blades for discount on FE or ATM Cisco solutions.


Alphabet Router Upgrade

Expires: July 31, 1997 (extended)
Cisco Systems offers an Alphabet Router Upgrade Program available to IGS, 2000, 3000, MGS, AGS, AGS+, and CGS customers toward the purchase of Cisco 2500/4000 series routers.

RP/SP to RSP Promotion

Customers are able to trade-in their RP and S(S)Ps to the RSPXs for credit towards the purchase of UPG-RSP7000 boards. IP to VIP is also part of this promotion.

VIP1 to VIP2 Upgrade

Expires: No date set
Allows for a migration path for customers using the first generation Versatile Interface Processor (VIP) platform.

XGS to 7x00 Upgrade

Expires: July 31, 1997
Cisco's XGS Trade in Program includes a path for customers to trade in their XGS's (AGS, AGS+, MGS, CGS, IGS) platforms to Cisco 7000, Cisco 7500, or the newly introduced Cisco 7200 series systems.

7000/7010 Trade In

Expires: July 27, 1997
Cisco is pleased to announce the introduction of the Cisco 7000/7010 Trade in Program providing a migration path for customers to trade in their 7000/7010 platforms to Cisco 7505, 7507, or Cisco 7513 series systems. The program also allows customers to trade in existing Interface Processors (IPs) for new VIP2 models.

CIP to CIP2 Trade-up

Expires: April 30, 1997
Cisco Systems is offering a program to existing users of the CIP (Channel Interface Processor) to trade up to the CIP2.


Trade-in a TDM Promotion

Expires: August 31, 1997 (extended)
Customers may purchase any of the IGX family of switches to replace existing TDM equipment and receive a purchase credit for the decommissioned switches which are returned to Cisco.


Catalyst 1600/1800 Trade-up

Expires: May 31, 1997
The Catalyst 1600 Trade-Up Program allows cusomers and partners to trade up Catalyst 1600 switching products to Catalyst 1800 switching products.


Expires: July 27, 1997
Customers are able to trade-in competitor's hub equipment for credit towards the purchase of qualified Cisco workgroup product.s. Includes port credit toward Cat 1900 and 2800 switches.

Trade-in & Trade-up

Same as Dump-a-Hub. Higher dollar trade-in value for purchase of higher end switches, Cat 5000 and 3000 family.

LS20/20 Investment Protection Program

Expires: July 31, 1997
Customers are able to trade-in LS2020s for credit toward purchase of a Cisco replacement product.
Sue Mangiapane is Account Manager for Cisco Systems, Inc. She can be reached by telephone at (714) 789-5006, by FAX at (714) 789-5005, or by e-mail at .

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