California Educational Data Processing Association
The DataBus - Vol. 37, No. 2
February-March, 1997

Vendor Update

Terrell Tucker, Panama-Buena Vista Union School District

As we look toward the '97 CEDPA Conference, a great deal of interest is building in the vendor community. Several vendors have already confirmed their intent to represent their products at this year's event. Once again, it is our hope to present products and services to span the needs and interests of our members. We hope to have the Internet available at vendor's booths to enable them to more easily show their wares. Vendors have shown a lot of interest in providing tons of great stuff as prizes for attending members.

A long list of vendors has accumulated from the past years' conferences, but we are always looking for new entries. It is always our goal to offer a vendor display to satisfy everyone's interests and answer all of their questions. If you know of a vendor who has expressed interest in our conference or has been beneficial to you or your district, please contact me with a name and phone number. The vendor area should be representative of our members' interests and what better way than for you to share in the selection process. If you know of a vendor you would like to exhibit at this year's conference, please e-mail me at [email protected] or phone me at (805) 831-8331 ext. 111. I look forward to hearing from you!

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