California Educational Data Processing Association
The DataBus - Vol. 37, No. 2
February-March, 1997
Want FREE Software from Microsoft?


Tools for Schools

A collection of communications and Internet tools for Windows NT Server 4.0

FREE* with proof of purchase of Windows® NT® Server 4.0

Built for you, the District Technology Coordinator... Microsoft offers the most comprehensive, easy to administer communications solution for Windows NT Server in K-12 Education!
Includes installation, configuration and NT account wizards, School web templates, Email, cross platform extensions, video conference software and more!

Available exclusively for K-12 Districts and Schools

Microsoft's Communications Tools for Schools CD-ROM is a collection of communications and Internet tools designed specifically for K-12 education. Communications Tools for Schools works with Windows NT Server 4.0 to provide you with the most cost effective, comprehensive communications package and, best of all, it's easy to administer. Free* with the purchase of Windows NT Server 4.0, the CD-ROM comes complete with Installation wizards and specially designed user and groups wizards as well. Also included in this comprehensive package is email, Internet publishing and Web Server authoring and management components. Communications Tools for Schools also offers video conferencing capabilities for use over the Internet or within your network.


For more information on how to get your FREE* Communications Tools for Schools CD-ROM and an order form please visit our Web site at http://www.microsoft.com/education/k12/CTS/ (800) 582-6014 or Fax (716) 873-0906

*Must include a proof of purchase of Windows NT Server 4.0 and a shipping and handling charge will apply.

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