California Educational Data Processing Association
The DataBus - Vol. 37, No. 1
December, 1996-January, 1997

Conference Program--A Success!!!

Judy Acosta Ventura County Superintendent of Schools

Thanks to all of you who participated in the 1996 CEDPA Conference in Palm Springs. The breakout sessions were great and you all did a wonderful job. The keynote speakers had a lot of good things to say and were well received by attendees.

We had two problems during Thursday's luncheon presentation. The projection unit could not be setup correctly because of the limitations of the room. Those sitting in the back of the room could not see the screen very well, (if at all), and the sound system was not sufficient to enable those in the back of the room to hear. Alex Kaplan, the luncheon speaker, was very patient throughout this trying experience, and we once again offer our apologies for this snafu.

Dr. Rudy Castruita, Superintendent of San Diego County Office of Education, did a fantastic job of opening our conference, and we received lots of favorable comments from conference participants regarding his presentation. The closing of the conference was successful as well, with Jody Warne-Ellison letting us know what the future holds in the way of technology and how we can adapt to it.

There were so many great breakout sessions that it would be impossible to determine which one was the most "popular." All sessions brought something of value to someone. Once again, my sincere thanks to all of you who participated and helped make this conference the most successful ever. Let's try for a repeat performance in Sacramento in 1997. I hope you will all help the 1997 Speaker Chair, Warren Williams, as much as you helped me. I would suggest that you reserve a spot for a presentation early in 1997. I had many inquiries for breakout sessions long after the program was full.

See you in Sacramento in 1997!

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