California Educational Data Processing Association
The DataBus - Vol. 37, No. 1
December, 1996-January, 1997

Technology Funds Update

Greg Lindner, Yolo County Supt. of Schools

This is an update on Technology Funds that may be available to your District or County.

On October 23, 1996, the State Allocation Board adopted the policy for apportioning $29,400,000 for technology grants and $350, 000 for administrative costs from the proceeds of AB 1302. You may have heard these referred to as PUC Funds. In summary, this provides

The details of these funds can be found at http://www.dgs.ca.gov/opsc/mail.htm. The important item to note is the deadline for these funds is February 28, 1997. Also, all districts and county offices of education will be required to match the technology grant amount.

Lastly, the SAB granted CCSESA's (California County Superintendents Educational Services Association) $10 million to complete the CCSESA's K-12 Telecommunications backbone. Phase I of the plan provides that all 58 County Offices of Education will meet a minimum threshold of connectivity. Phase II of the plan is envisioned that all school districts will meet a minimum threshold of connectivity to their County Office (either physically or via the Internet). Phase III of the plan envisions all schools will meet a minimum threshold of connectivity to their District. It is anticipated that funding will cover Phase I and part of Phase II. Kern COE is the LEA on the Telecommunications Plan. Kern will be providing more details as they become available.

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