California Educational Data Processing Association
The DataBus - Vol. 36, No. 5
August-September, 1996

June SIG Summary

San Diego: Large group hears presentation on Microsoft networking solutions.

Darryl La Gace, Lemon Grove School District

June's SIG Meeting was the second in a series on Microsoft networking solutions. This time we focused on Microsoft's Internet strategy and Microsoft's current set of powerful Internet tools including Internet Explorer, Internet Assistants, FrontPage, and Internet Information Server. Elisa Bartell, Education Market Manager at Microsoft, coordinated the presentation given by a Microsoft Systems Engineer. Twenty seven people attended the session.

Microsoft® Internet Information Server is the only web server integrated into Windows NT Server, and is a powerful platform for a new generations of web applications. The Systems Engineer took us on an on-line tour of each of the components of Microsoft® Internet Information Server. The presentation concluded with an exciting preview of ActiveX.

ActiveX(tm) Document support means you can open a document, complete with its native toolbars, menus, and all other user interface elements, from within Internet Explorer. For the first time ever, you can open and use richly formatted documents (such as Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets and Word documents) right inside your Web browser. Your browser simply becomes the frame in which you can browse and view all documents. ActiveX Document support is available in only one browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The presentation ended at noon, leaving the rest of the day for our usual round table discussions. The topics ranged from Windows 95 to Internet. The group brought many insightful responses and experiences to the topics at hand. These discussions continue to be the catalysts for new ideas and solutions. Thanks to all who attended for contributing their expertise and many thanks to Elisa at Microsoft for taking a personal interest in making this series possible.

August's SIG concludes the series on Microsoft's networking solutions. This time we will focus on Microsoft's Systems Management Server (SMS). Come and learn about the Microsoft Systems Management Server and how it can help with your management needs such as inventory, software distribution, network monitoring, and help desk remote control. As always, the meeting will be an informative one. It will be held in Santa Monica at Microsoft on August 9, 1996. To register call Darryl La Gace at (619) 589-5734 or E-mail me at [email protected]

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