California Educational Data Processing Association
The DataBus - Vol. 36, No. 4
June-July, 1996

Netscape Releases Updated Version of Navigator

As reported on the ALERTS section of CEDPA's web site, Netscape recently released update version 2.02 of its Navigator web browsing program. This release provides a fix for the well-publicized bug involving the Java script manager that allowed the information on a client's hard disk to be compromised.

The update also fixed a lesser-known, but nevertheless irritating bug that became apparent with the shift to daylight savings time. Navigator's RELOAD algorithm used an internal clock that wasn't equipped to handle the shift to daylight savings time. As a result, reloads of any page originally loaded within the hour would come from cached images instead of being reloaded from the website.

The updated program for all platforms can be obtained from Netscape at http://home.netscape.com/comprod/upgrades/index.html.

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