California Educational Data Processing Association
The DataBus - Vol. 36, No. 4
June-July, 1996

Cisco Router Training Classes Offered

Classes: Five-day session, normally $1795, discounted for education.

Sue Mangiapane, Cisco Systems

I have talked with many of you about your need for detailed router configuration training for Educational DP Staffs. Protocol Interface, one of Cisco's training partners has agreed to offer the Introduction to Cisco Router Configuration (ICRC) Class at a special discount for Education. This five day class, normally offered at $1795, is being offered for $995 to Education. The first course is being held in San Mateo, June 17-21. If you would like more information or would like to enroll please call Protocol Interface and inquire about the ICRC Course for Education 415-491-8950. If you are unable to attend because of the travel involved, please send me a note. Protocol Interface would be happy to bring the course to southern California if we are able to identify 15-24 potential attendees. I have included a brief course description below.

Course Description: Teaches basic skills for understanding Cisco routers. It not only provides the hands-on experience for configuring them, it also provides a thorough understanding of all common LAN and WAN protocols in use today. The course Outline includes:

Introduction to Internetworking
Internetworking Overview
OSI model
Physical data link and network devices
Application and Upper Levels
Physical and Data Link Layers
Network Layer
Getting Started
User Interface
Router Basics
Testing Network Operations
Initial Configuration
Router Configuration
Internetwork Operating System
Standard Protocol Suites I
TCP/IP Overview
IP Address Configuration
IP Routing Protocols
IP Routing Configuration
Configuring XNS
Configuring Novell/IPX
Standard Protocol Suites II
Configuring Banyon Vines
Configuring Appletalk
Configuring Decnet
Configuring X.25
Configuring Frame Relay
Configuring ISDN
Bridging Overview
Transparent Bridging
Source Route Bridging
Hands-on Lab
Who should attend: This course is intended for CCIE candidates, network administrators and technicians who configure and support multiprotocol inter-networks using Cisco routers.
Sue Mangiapane is Account Manager for Cisco Systems, Inc. Her e-mail is

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