California Educational Data Processing Association
The DataBus - Vol. 36, No. 3
April-May, 1996

February SIG Meeting Summary

Eric Boutwell, San Francisco Unified School District

NetDay96 was the major topic at CEDPA's February SIG meeting hosted by Cisco Systems. Twenty-nine people attended and shared their hopes, fears and plans for Netday96. Michael Kaufman of Public Television station KQED spoke and gave a detailed history of how Netday96 came about and how it evolved over time. Michael then addressed all the who, what, when, where and why questions that the group posed to him. Michael's detailed responses and well thought out answers lowered many attendees' anxieties and got must of us thinking how we could maximize the benefit and minimize the problems of Netday96.

The Netday96 check off list that was part of the last Databus was distributed at the meeting for all attendees who had not seen it or needed a second copy. The check off list was a big help to many of us in that it was a reminder of all the things we needed to do to make Netday96 a successful event for our district and schools.

I believe the most beneficial part of the meeting was when we opened the meeting up to general discussion. We shared with each other what plans and ideas we were considering for Netday96 followed by a general discussion of wide area networking (WAN) and local area networking (LAN). The number of ideas and the creative solutions that come out of this kind of interaction is always inspiring. Although I went into the meeting thinking I had a good solid plan for Netday96, the additional ideas talked about at this meeting helped me to significantly improve my plan.

I would like to thank Cisco for hosting this meeting and giving all of us who wished to stay after a tour of their facility. I look forward to seeing many of you again at the next SIG meeting in Palm Springs.

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