California Educational Data Processing Association
The DataBus - Vol. 36, No. 3
April-May, 1996

NetDay Sponsors Forming A Non-Profit Organization

Connectivity: Organizers push for May 18th as next scheduled NetDay and propose a National NetDay in October.

Addison Ching

The apparent success of NetDay96 has resulted in some interesting turn of events. As this issue was going to press, an e-mail message from your well-connected CEDPA Board of Directors came in.

"I just 'heard' from one of the major sponsors of NetDay96, that NetDay is now a non-profit organization and their phone number is 415 553-2406," reported CEDPA President-elect Greg Lindner. "I also heard that the next NetDay for California is scheduled for May 18 and the next National NetDay is scheduled for October 19, 1996."

Greg attempted to obtain additional information about this new development. "I logged onto the...url http://netday.well.com/ but found nothing about the 'next' NetDay."

Next, Greg called the above number but received a voice mail message. He eventually received a call back from a NetDay spokesperson named Teresa. Based on his conversation with Teresa, the following information was obtained.


Teresa stated that they are in the process of setting themselves up as a non-profit organization. She also stated that an October 19th National NetDay is being discussed and that it may turn out to be a "NetMonth" instead.

She further stated that the next NetDay is being proposed and discussed for May 18th but is not firm. She stated that the NetDay organizers want people to "keep going" with their networking projects and not just stop because NetDay96 is over. That's why they are considering targeting a date (such as May 18th) to give people a specific day to shoot for and to encourage them to continue with and/or finish up their networking projects.

What does this mean to Schools?

That's up to each school to decide. Greg says, "I think it is good that schools are getting wired and the public and vendor community is supporting expanding technology into our schools. I think that's something we are all supportive of--at least I hope so!"

Greg continues, "I think we need to get more involved with the NetDay organization, however, so the actual NetDay days are not sprung on us without notice. It is clear that there is a lot of confusion and information circulating regarding future NetDays. It is also clear from several reports that I have heard that NetDay96 was highly successful. So... if we're involved in the planning process for future NetDays, they may be even more successful than the first one."

Greg has an excellent point. CEDPA will be investigating ways of involving itself with the newly-formed NetDay organization as your planning representatives. Hopefully this participation will result in more effective planning and communication of future NetDays with the technologists who are the underpinnings of NetDay activities.

Greg Lindner contributed substantially to this article.

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