California Educational Data Processing Association
The DataBus - Vol. 36, No. 1
December, 1995-January, 1996

Windows 95 Easter Egg Exposed

Software: Discover the hidden message buried deep within the program!

Addison Ching

An "Easter Egg" in computer parlance is a hidden message or animated display buried deep within a Microsoft program and accessible only through a special set of codes. The egg usually contains credits or other information about the product's development team of programmers and support staff. Some of these eggs are complex works of art, and some "hackers" spend hours on end discovering these hidden treasures.

Windows 95 is another Microsoft product that contains an easter egg. The following steps will allow you to "discover" this display buried deep within Windows 95.

Select any open area on the Windows 95 desktop and click on it using your RIGHT mouse button. Select NEW then FOLDER. In the folderŐs name field, type the following folder name exactly as shown:

and now, the moment you've all been waiting for

Press ENTER. Using your RIGHT mouse button again, click on the folder and select RENAME. Type the following folder name exactly as shown:

we proudly present for your viewing pleasure

Press ENTER again. With your RIGHT mouse button, again click on the folder and select RENAME. Type in the following folder name exactly as shown:

The Microsoft Windows 95 Product Team!

Press ENTER again. Double-click on the folder to open it, sit back, and watch the show. Make sure your speakers are turned on for the full effect. The presentation is self-repeating so you'll have to close the folder to stop the presentation.

If you double-clicked on the folder and nothing happened, you missed a step somewhere. Go back and try again!

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