Exhibitor Update

Exhibits: This year's vendors have a wide variety of products and services to show.

Greg Lindner, Yolo County Superintendent of Schools

The Vendor Show this year on October 19 at the San Jose Fairmont is shaping up to be a very good show! Many vendors have already signed up but we are always looking for more. If you know of any that may not have signed up please have them call me at (916) 668-3738 or email me at

We are very pleased to announce that several vendors have donated door prizes and/or made donations to our conference this year. Bay Networks, a leading worldwide supplier of routers, hubs, high speed switches and sophisticated network management products, is sponsoring one of our meals. Comlink, Inc., a supplier of data communications equipment and support, will supply our famous coffee mugs this year. Scanning Systems, a supplier of Data entry products, including optical mark readers and bar coding equipment and ICR, data storage and retrieval systems, scannable documents and output document printing, will be supplying us with our canvas bags this year.

Hospitality Suites are being sponsored by NCS, BDM, and Scantron this year. NCS supplies scanners for testing, surveys, and measurement, plus Instructional Management and Student Administration software. BDM provides consulting and systems integration. Scantron provides "Creative solutions for data management", computer scanners (optical mark readers and image), software (testing and survey) and scannable forms. When we get sponsorships like this, it helps us keep the cost of the conference down and it is very much appreciated - we really could not pull this off without their help.

Many vendors have agreed to sponsor door prizes this year. Among them are The Gina Project - 2 Gina/Core+ Accounts; BiTech - 1 Hewlett-Packard 10B Business Calculator; Pentamation - 1 Walkman; Lloyd Internetworking - 1 Mastering the Internet book; Digital Network Corporation - 1 $50 gift certificate; CTB/McGraw-Hill - 5 TABE/PC packages; Adelphoi Technical Services, INC. - Several Courses (valued at $950 each and taught in Lake Tahoe): 1) Database Theory Analysis and Modeling, 2) System Migration; Transitioning from COBOL systems to Client/Server, 3) Introduction to SQL and 4GL tools.

I want to thank all the vendors who have signed up already and who have graciously contributed to the conference to make it an even better conference for our attendees. Once again, if you know a vendor that you would like to see at the conference please have them call me. See you at the show!