Speaker Update

Skip Sharp, San Diego County Office of Education

In the last newsletter, it was mentioned that the selection of speakers this year would be based on topics of importance to our members. The following is a list of potential topics breakout sessions. Please take a moment to review the list. If there is a particular topic that you want covered or one that you donÕt think is of benefit, or if there is something that you think is missing, please call our speaker chair, Skip Sharp at 619-292-3539, or send him e-mail at [email protected]. The potential list of topics is as follows:

        ICTL what can it do
        Cable TV as a data carrier
        California Student Information Services (CSIS) update     
        California Department of Education network update 
        Internet use policy
        Networking Issues (roundtable discussion)
        Wiring a facility (roundtable) 
        Retirement planning session 
        Telecommunication trends and issues 
        How to structure bid--pitfalls/successes
        Internet security
        Internet successes/failures
        Networking Topologies Frame relay/vs ISDN etc. 
        Standardized account code structure
        Telecomm standard--the impact of (AB3141)
        Internet in a boxÓ (roundtable)  
        Grant writin--how to write a successful/unsuccessful grant
        Computer acquisition--clones vs name brands pros&cons (roundtable)
        How to train/sustain a work force issues (roundtable)
        Outsourcing issue--"Are you a candidate?" pros/cons 
        Client server issues --how to discover the issues and costs before deciding to implement
        Microcomputer maintenance success/failure stories - school to work
        Tech forum--switched ethernet, Juke box technology, ATM fast ethernet, wireless, teleconferencing     

Please provide your input as soon as you can so that we can do the best job of providing topics of relevance for you.