TELIS(sm): TeleLearning InfoSource

Connectivity: New service announced for telementors.

Keith Vogt, California Technology Project

The California Technology Project initiated a new online service in February, 1995, for the use by the CTP's Telemation Project state and local Telementors and support personnel for one year.

This new online service, TeleLearning InfoSource, "Telis(sm)", will provide the 1,000 telementors and support personnel with Internet access through a contribution from several business partners. GTE/MCI will provide the statewide 800# dial-up access and Realm Internet Systems will provide the Internet services, Adobe Systems will provide Acrobat software, Compaq Computer Corporation is providing a server, and Microsoft will provide server management software.

Telis(sm) will provide all internet services including email, ftp, telnet, gopher, WWW, and will be GINA, vt100, Mosaic, and Netscape compatible with access by 14.4 dial-up SLIP connections.

Telis(sm) will be available for up to six hours of use a day ( 24 hours a day), seven days a week, with full usenet feed and a 95% no busy signal guarantee.

Others interested in receiving information on obtaining accounts on Telis(sm) may contact me directly.

Keith D. Vogt is Director of the California Technology Project. He can be reached by Internet E-mail at [email protected], or can be contacted at: California Technology Project, Orange County Department of Educaiton, P.O.Box 9050, Costa Mesa, CA 92628, or by phone at 714-966 4268, FAX 714-434-0231.