GINA(tm) 1995

Interface: Multi-platform software provides access to CORE+ and the Internet.

Sue Mangiapane, GINA Project

The GINA(tm) Project has taken on a very aggressive posture as 1995 begins to unfold. Closing 1994 with nearly 7,000 GINA/CORE+ customers, 40 Site Licenses and/or Group Purchases, and the continual demand for more information and services state wide, is proof beyond doubt that Internet Access will be an important part of our future and GINA an important part of the solution for education. Meeting the challenges of stabilizing our Windows GINA Client and moving forward with improvements and enhancements to the Mac, Windows and GINA Server software, we have initiated many staffing additions and reassignments. Our challenge is in our self-supporting, non-profit status. GINA's success depends on your ideas for implementation and we are focused on working with counties and districts throughout the state to take the steps required by you to make GINA a positive and constructive part of the Internet for Education.

We have taken several proactive measures which we feel will better position GINA for schools. The measures are outlined below and details will be provided in the GINA InterNews Newsletter. We would be happy to discuss any ideas you may have to make these solutions workable for your particular situation. Our 1995 provisions are as follows:

Windows Maintenance Release 1.1.5

We successfully resloved some of the GINA Windows client software problems with a maintenance release in January. This release helped some but not all of our customers experiencing problems. We have initiated three additional steps toward ultimate resolution for GINA Windows.

GINA Product Development Schedule

A schedule of product development is available including plans to integrate a World Wide Web Client into both the Mac and Windows Applications, improved mail features, and a new Threading feature for the newsreader. Server Enhancements are also planned for the password file, improved security, and easier terminal server configurations.

GINA Presentation Software

A Director Presentation is currently available to be downloaded for the Mac. The GINA Presentation was designed to illustrate GINA, Internet Resources, and Sample Technical Configurations. A full script is available along with the application. A Windows Presentation will be available in early March. We are considering:

New Site License Agreements

We continue to look for creative ways of making GINA Available and are exploring two new site licenses which could be available as soon as March. All existing Site License customers will be contacted with details prior to release of the New Site Licenses. Two options we are considering are:

Restructuring of Gopher and Conferences

Teachers and Administrators are invited to work with us to reconstruct the pointer in Information and Conferences Menus. Any teachers or administrators who would like to contribute to this important project are welcome to join in.

GINA Communications

Realignment of help groups and access to help will help us better respond and communicate. A sincere effort to create a positive and constructive environment is the ultimate goal of the GINA/CORE+ Staff.

Details on these programs and many others are available in the GINA InterNews Newsletter or please feel free to contact us directly. We continue to discover much misinformation and encourage you to talk with us directly. Our goal is to work with you and any unique requirements you may have. If you would like details or would like to be added to our mailing list please call or E-mail me. We continue to build GINA's success on your success. Thanks for your great ideas and continued support.

Sue Mangiapane is Director of Marketing for GINA . She may be reached at (310)985-9100, or Internet E-mail at [email protected].