Under supervision of the Director, Computers and Technology Services, provides desktop publishing services for certificated professional educators and administrators Districtwide. This is a technical/professional level position. The focus is on optimal enhancement of Districtwide communications using desktop publishing computer technology and computer network technology; gathers and organizes information; designs and lays out publications/documents; coordinates with all parties, and produces a variety of publications such as training schedules and presentation handouts; provides desktop publishing assistance for special projects in an efficient, effective, and financially sound manner; performs other essential job related work as required.


The distinguishing characteristics of this classification are that 1) designing and producing publications is a major part of the job, and 2) providing assistance for special District projects regarding hardware, software, network, and basic applied techniques of desktop publishing is an essential part of the job.


1.Uses desktop publishing computer technology and network computer technology to produce or assist in the production of a variety of publications, including training schedules, presentation handouts and related materials, instructional materials, training publications, newsletters, District forms, and budget documents.

2.Provides assistance in the area of desktop publishing, including current hardware, software, basic techniques, and organization, to individuals and small groups Districtwide.

3.Coordinates with outside suppliers, such as imagesetters, and inhouse staff, including District printer, Technology Resources staff, Office of the Superintendent staff, and other involved parties.

4.Operates and assists others in operating Macintosh and DOS-based microcomputers, laser printers, color printers, digital scanners/cameras, photocopier, SyQuest SCSI drives, and a variety of other necessary desktop publishing machines and equipment.

5.Uses and assists others in using current software applications relating to desktop publishing, or to other special projects as assigned.

6.Develops and maintains timelines, schedules, and other reports and records to facilitate organization and communication.

7.Keeps abreast of desktop and network technology fields to ensure efficient delivery of desktop publishing services; provides one-on-one and small group training with regard to new learning.

8.May operate a vehicle to make deliveries, pick-ups, and to perform other off site work as assigned.

9.Complies with applicable state, local, and federal rules, regulations, and laws, as well as the policies and procedures of the District.

10.Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with a variety of groups, including vendors, consultants, teachers, administrators, coworkers, and others as required.
11.Demonstrates and models safe, prudent, and healthful work behaviors and practices; identifies and works toward the elimination of unsafe or unhealthful work area conditions.

12.Performs other essential job-related work as required.


Education and Experience

Journalism, English composition, education, or related field supplemented by wide range of pertinent course work in computer science relating to desktop publishing and computer networks.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Current knowledge, skills, and abilities relating to Macintosh and DOS-based microcomputers, including System 7.1, MS/DOS, and MS Windows; demonstrated understanding of a broad range of computer applications, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, WordPerfect for Macintosh, DOS, and Windows, Aldus PageMaker, Aldus PrePrint, Aldus Freehand, Adobe Photoshop, HP Deskscan, and various OCR software programs; skills in accessing, and manipulating information on a variety of networks, including EtherTalk, Novell, and Internet; knowledge of File Transfer Protocols and utilities; skill in establishing and maintaining interface with existing District hardware and software configurations and a wide variety of desktop publishing devises and related technologies such as laser printers, and imagesetters; knowledge of a wide range of reprographic process, including offset lithography, xerography, and screen printing; skill in operation of digital input devices, such as desktop scanners and digital cameras; effective written, oral, and technological communication skills; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships;

Working Conditions

Work is performed primarily inside an office environment with occasional exposure to elements and cleaning solvents/chemicals. Requires occasional lifting of up to 50 pounds and the full range of keyboarding, talking, hearing, visual, and other physical and mental work demand.

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