Under general supervision of the Supervisor, Systems Applications coordinates the scheduling of user services; maintains Computers and Technology Services magnetic tape log; coordinates, reviews and assigned input data for processing; coordinates the preparation of computer printed output for distribution; examines and dispatches used requester reports; coordinates with all users of Computers and Technology Services Department services and does other essential job-related work as required.


1.Assists the supervisor, DP Operations in coordinating and monitoring prescheduled Computers and Technology Services Department services and all user special requests.

2.Performs data entry; operates data recorder.

3.Operates optical scanner and microfilm equipment as required.

4.Bursting and deleaving equipment in preparation of computer printed output for distribution.

5.Coordinates, received and records receipt of and serves as a liaison between DP Operations and/or all users.

6.Completes incident reports and refers major incidents to the Supervisor, DP Operations.

7.Complies with applicable state, local, and federal rules, regulations, and laws, as well as District policies and procedures.

8.Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with applicants, other employees, administrators, coworkers, and general public.

9.Demonstrates and models safe, prudent, and healthful work behaviors and practices; identifies and works toward elimination of unsafe or unhealthful work area conditions.

10.Performs other essential job-related work as required.

Qualifications Guide

Education and Experience
Typical qualifying background would include any equivalent combination of:

Demonstrated responsible office record keeping experience, including work connected with data processing operations and data entry procedures; demonstrated general understanding of terminology and usage associated with on-line interactive computer and data entry operations.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Typical qualifying knowledge, skills, and abilities would include:

Knowledge of the principles and practices of control record keeping; scheduling and general office management; DP data entry, optical scanning, bursting and deleaving equipment; general knowledge of DP computer and data communications equipment and procedures; familiar with related documents and materials utilized in DP operations, accounting and educational records; ability to plan, schedule and coordinate the receipt, review and processing of a variety of data inputs; read, comprehend and apply general instructions and related semi-technical program information; review and evaluate input data received as to proper form and completeness; establish and maintain rigid schedules and record data accurately; communicate with departmental, district and other systems users; work effectively under pressure while maintaining accuracy and a smooth flow of office activities.

Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships.

Working Conditions

Work is performed in an air conditioned office/computer room environment. Requires sitting for extended periods. Constant use of fingers and sense of feel, talking, hearing,, and seeing). Constant exposure to moderate to loud noise and vibrations. Constant exposure to electromagnetic fields. Frequent to constant use of keyboard and mouse. Frequent reaching and handling. Frequently lifts 20-pound boxes of paper. Occasional climbing, balancing, stooping, and kneeling. Possible exposure to electric shock.

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